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Eden Capwell Castillo, 1984-91

Marcy Walker was born on November 26, 1961 in Paducah, Kentucky, although she didn't get to spend much time there. Her father's job as field service engineer required the family to constantly be on the move. By the time Marcy graduated from high school in Illinois, she had lived all over the U.S., not to mention Switzerland and Iran.

In 1981, Marcy got her first big break when she was cast as scheming teen Liza Colby on the ABC soap opera All My Children. Her portrayal of Liza earned her two Daytime Emmy nominations.

In 1984, Marcy joined a new soap, Santa Barbara, as the long-suffering Eden Capwell. The romance between Eden and Cruz Castillo, portrayed by A Martinez, became one of the most famous and beloved in soap history. Marcy received an Emmy nomination for best actress in 1987 and 1988, and finally won in 1989 for an emotional storyline, in which Eden was brutally raped.

During her stint on Santa Barbara, Marcy was able to spread her wings and star in a few primetime TV movies, including The Return of Desperado and Bar Girls. In 1991, she left SB to star in Stephen J. Cannell's short-lived series Palace Guard. She went on to appear in more telefilms, including Midnight's Child, Overexposed and Terror in the Shadows.

By 1993, Marcy was ready to return to daytime. She joined the cast of Guiding Light as Tangie Hill, but the experience left her underwhelmed because of her character's weak storylines. In 1995, she reprised the role of Liza Colby on All My Children. In 2001, she was nominated for one more Emmy for her work on AMC.

After leaving AMC in 2004, Marcy decided to accept a position in Christian ministry, based in Huntersville, North Carolina. She has retired from acting.

Marcy has one son, Taylor, fathered by her third husband, Stephan Collins. In 1999, she married Doug Smith. She was once married to actor Billy Warlock.

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