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1. Who did not appear in the first episode?
(a) Ted, (b) Danny, (c) Warren, (d) Minx, (e) Rosa
2. What is Eden's middle name?
3. Which two characters were temporarily blind?
4. Who was Mary and Christie's mother, and what was her problem?
5. Who caught the bouquet at C.C. and Sophia's wedding reception?
6. What was the name of Cruz and Eden's dog?
7. On what date did Mason and Julia get married?
8. Under what circumstances did Cruz leave Santa Barbara?
9. Which two characters were killed in 1979?
10. Who was Kirk Cranston's father?

Answers 1-10

11. How many times did C.C. marry Sophia? 
12. Who were Kelly's three husbands?
13. Who was responsible for the death of Channing Capwell Jr.?
14. Who was Celeste DiNapoli's best friend?
15. What was C.C.'s nickname for his daughter Kelly?
16. What part did Jed Allan's (C.C.) real-life son play?
17. Who used to call Kelly "K.C."?
18. What was the name of Gina's first husband?
19. What was the name of Minx's late husband?
20. What name did Adriana have in Paris?

Answers 11-20

21. What was the name of T.J.'s bar?
22. Where did Ethan and Laura Asher live before they moved to Santa Barbara?
23. What were the circumstances behind Ethan Asher's departure?
24. Who was the Video Rapist?
25. What unusual change was made when Gina's daughter, Lily, returned in 1991?
26. What was the name of Laura's son, and what happened to him?
27. What was Greg's last name before he was revealed to be a Capwell?
28. On what date did Cruz and Eden get married?
29. What was the name of Julia and Augusta's father?
30. Who killed Madeline Capwell Laurent?

Answers 21-30

31. What does the "C.C." stand for in C.C. Capwell's name?
32. Who was Cruz once accused of killing?
33. Who was Ric Castillo's real father?
34. Who took over Pamela's old house?
35. How did Hayley Capwell die?
36. Who defended B.J. Walker during her trial?
37. What is Mason's middle name?
38. Where were Cruz and Eden married?
39. Who were Caroline Wilson's daughters?
40. What caused Eden's miscarriage in 1986?

Answers 31-40

41. Whose real name was Adam?
42. What was the name of Keith's sister?
43. Who was arrested for killing Leo Mitchell? Who really killed him?
44. Who tried to implicate Cain in the murder of Andrea Bedford?
45. Why did Ming Li leave Santa Barbara?
46. What was Pearl's real name? Who was his brother?
47. Whose real name was Barnaby?
48. Who was the "Gina Jeans Girl"?
49. Which two characters were temporarily paralyzed?
50. Who was the DJ at Cruz's 20-year high school reunion?

Answers 41-50

51. To whom were Scott and Heather godparents?
52. Who did Brick blame for Amy's death?
53. Who was Maggie's husband? What happened to him?
54. What do Gina, Julia and Eden have in common?
55. What did Tonell leave C.C. in his will?
56. What did Nick Hartley do for a living?
57. Which two characters did Craig Hunt shoot in 1989?
58. True or false: It was never revealed who Warren's real father is.
59. Who were Eden's two husbands?
60. What was the name of Eden's restaurant?

Answers 51-60

61. What name did Mason use in Palm Springs when he had an affair with Sasha?
62. How many women did Peter Flint kill?
63. What Santa Barbara actress later became a writer for the show?
64. How did Pearl Bradford and Courtney Capwell meet?
65. Who was the last actor to be hired by the Dobsons before they left in 1987?
66. Why did Cruz and Santana get married?
67. What game show did Gina appear on?
68. Which two characters did Brandon call "Dad"?
69. Who had the last lines in the show's final episode?
70. What was the name of the environmental organization led by Dash Nichols?

Answers 61-70

71. Who did Mason and Julia first suspect of Sasha's murder?
72. Who was the first Santa Barbara actor to win a Daytime Emmy?
73. Who gave Rafe a job when C.C. couldn't give him one?
74. Who caught the bouquet at Mason and Julia's wedding reception?
75. Where did Gina and Keith reunite in 1990?
76. What is the name of the young woman who once had a crush on Stephen Slade?
77. Which two characters came back from the dead in 1990?
78. What color did Angela's hair turn after her beauty parlor accident?
79. Who was Mason's best man the first time he married Julia?
80. Who were Brandon Capwell's biological parents?

Answers 71-80

81. Why did Minx Lockridge switch Channing Capwell Jr. with Brick Wallace when they were babies?
82. What happened to the members of the Perkins family?
83. Who was the deaf nun at Father Michael's church?
84. What were Elena's last words to C.C.?
85. What finally broke up Lionel and Augusta?
86. Who was originally slated to be paired with Eden Capwell?
87. Who got Madeline's heart after she died?
88. Who tried to impress Kelly Capwell by impersonating Elvis?
89. Who was introduced in a scene with Mason, Julia and Father Michael?
90. What was unusual about the way Gordon Thomson replaced Terry Lester in the role of Mason Capwell?

Answers 81-90

91. Where did Robert Barr grow up? What was his real name?
92. Which character was the last to die on the show?
93. After Hayley was raped, who were the first two suspects?
94. What is Samantha Capwell's middle name?
95. What happened to the real Eleanor Norris?
96. What was the name of C.C. Capwell's brother?
97. Who told Julia about Mason's split personality?
98. What name did Flame use when she first came to Santa Barbara?
99. What was Hayley's first job when she arrived in town?
100. Why did Ric and Tawny break up?

Answers 91-100

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