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Actor History
Chip Mayer
Episode Tenure: 790-1192
Airdates: September 22, 1986 to April 21, 1989
Full Name
Thomas Jefferson Daniels
Ski instructor/gigolo
Worked at Armonti Industries
Owner of The Lair

Laken Lockridge (formerly engaged)
Olivia (during his career as a gigolo)
Sophia Capwell (affair)
Kelly Capwell (affair)
Angela (one-night stand)
Buffy McIntire
Augusta Lockridge (lovers)
Phyllis (left town with her)

Brief Character History
T.J. Daniels arrived in Santa Barbara as the ski bum/old flame of Laken Lockridge. He still loved Laken, but she was now romantically involved with Ted Capwell again. That didn't keep T.J. from stirring things up for the couple. After he and Laken got into an car accident, which left him minorly hurt, T.J. opportunistically used the situation to move in with Ted and Laken at the Capwell guesthouse. Ted and Laken's romance ended once he found her kissing T.J.

T.J. befriended model Jake Morton and became his manager. He then started a nightclub with Jake, calling it the Lair and making Laken the hostess. Just as they were running into financial difficulties with the club, T.J. was approached by a rich older woman named Olivia, who had been one of his clients during his career as a gigolo. Though reluctantly, T.J. agreed to sleep with Olivia to save the Lair.

T.J. had a brief fling with Laken, but it didn't go anywhere and she left town. T.J. then became involved with Sophia Capwell, another wealthy older woman. The two had an affair, which led to the end of Sophia's marriage to C.C. Capwell. Naturally, the Capwells disapproved of T.J., especially given his past as a gigolo. Nevertheless, T.J. started working with Sophia at her company, Armonti Industries.

T.J. and Sophia were happy for a while, but then Olivia entered his life again. She wanted the money back that she had invested in the Lair. Desperate to pay her off, T.J. stole money from Armonti Industries. When Sophia caught wind of this, she broke up with T.J.

During a business trip for Armonti, T.J. comforted Sophia's daughter, Kelly, when she miscarried her baby. T.J. started to fall in love with the girl, but she was married to Jeffrey Conrad. Jeffrey's possessive mother, Pamela, wanted to break up this marriage, so she offered T.J. money to win Kelly away from Jeffrey. When T.J. rejected the offer, Pamela blackmailed him to change his mind.

Eventually, T.J. and Kelly had a one night stand in Santa Fe. Afterwards, she dumped him and returned to Jeffrey. T.J. was devastated. He then had a meaningless fling with Buffy McIntire, a rich girl that the Capwells knew. Later, having both been hurt by Kelly, T.J. and Jeffrey plotted to kill her and make Jeffrey a rich widower. When Jeffrey got cold feet about the plan, T.J. slugged him, causing Jeffrey to become catatonic and paralyzed.

When the "video rapist" began terrorizing Santa Barbara and also tried to rape Kelly and Sophia, T.J. was one of the men suspected of the crimes. Once Jeffrey recovered, T.J. pressured him to kill Kelly during the New Year's Eve party that C.C. was throwing on a train. Refusing to oblige, Jeffrey instead pushed T.J. off the train! Believing that T.J. was dead, Jeffrey divorced Kelly and left Santa Barbara. A short while later, T.J. resurfaced in town.

Before long, T.J. got into trouble again. He refused to hire Wanda Berkowski at the Lair because she was a woman, so she sued him. To solve this problem, T.J. sold the Lair to Bunny Tagliatti and left for Palm Springs with yet another sugar mama.

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