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Miranda Wilson
Episode Tenure: 1143-1257
Airdates: February 12-July 26, 1989




Dave Mills (brother; deceased)


Ric Castillo (lovers)

Brief Character History

In early 1989, Cruz and Eden Castillo's baby Adriana was kidnapped by Dr. Zack Kelton.  Before he died, Zack lied to Cruz that Adriana was dead. Devastated, Eden went to Paris with her sister Kelly to mourn her loss. Cruz, meanwhile, went to the cave where Adriana had been born and in a pool saw a reflection of his daughter. He also found a symbolic stone in the cave. To understand the meaning of this stone, Cruz explored the supernatural but learned he learned he didn't have any psychic ability. As he got ready to join Eden in Paris, he was stopped by Sandra Mills. She was a psychic who claimed to have seen his baby in a vision.

Sandra helped Cruz with his investigation to find Adriana, believing that the baby was alive. She also started staying at Cruz and Eden's house, which didn't sit too well with the Capwells. Still, Sandra had many clues for Cruz, including visions about Adriana's mysterious nanny, a French woman named Katherine. Katherine was subsequently murdered. When Sandra got too close to the truth, a one-legged man forced a pillow on her while she slept. Cruz saved Sandra in time. Later, she was kidnapped by the one-legged man, who turned out to be none other than Eden's deranged ex-husband, Kirk Cranston. Cruz was able to find Sandra when she used mental telepathy to contact him. Kirk was eventually caught.

Meanwhile, Sandra developed feelings for Cruz. She became obsessed with him, but Cruz rebuffed her advances and moved her into Kelly's cottage. Jealous and angry over Cruz's love for Eden, Sandra threatened to stop helping him in his quest to locate Adriana. When Eden returned from Paris, Sandra attempted suicide. Desperate to get Adriana back, Eden convinced Sandra to help find the baby. She also allowed Sandra to stay at the house. Soon, Sandra felt everything Eden felt, even when Cruz and Eden were making love! She made Eden feel uneasy about this, which affected Cruz and Eden's love life. When Cruz caught on, he threw Sandra out of the house and refused to have anything to do with her anymore. Ultimately, Cruz and Eden found Adriana on their own in Paris.

Sandra remained obsessed with Cruz and began an affair with his younger brother, Ric. While making love to Sandra, Ric was turned off when she murmured Cruz's name in a moment of passion. Around the same time, Robert Barr arrived in Santa Barbara to engineer a hostile takeover of Capwell Enterprises. Sandra tried to form partnerships with Mason Capwell, Gina Timmons and Barr, but none of these options really materialized. In addition, Sandra broke up with Ric when she learned he was seeing Kelly Capwell and using Sandra for his own purposes. In the meantime, Sandra began having visions about Leo Mitchell's murder. She discovered Leo's body in a well and tried to convince Cruz to work together again, but he refused. Soon after, Sandra disappeared from the canvas without explanation.

Sandra appeared in 73 episodes of the series.

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