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Ismael (East) Carlo
Episode Tenure: 005-135
Airdates: August 3, 1984 to February 6, 1985


C.C. Capwell's gardener


Rosa Andrade (separated; married her in his late teens)


Santana Andrade (daughter)
Danny Andrade (son)
Olivia Andrade (daughter)
Gabriella Andrade (daughter)

Brandon Capwell (grandson; via Santana)

*It is noteworthy to mention that Olivia and Gabriella were only characters referenced by Ruben to Cruz Castillo. They were soon forgotten and never appeared onscreen.

Brief Character History

A man of strong morals, Ruben was the patriarch of the Andrade family. He and his wife Rosa worked for the wealthy Capwells, respectively, as the gardener and the housekeeper. Their children included Santana and Danny, of whom Ruben was a strict father. His first scene saw him initially disapproving of the fact that Danny wanted to go to Hollywood to find work as a stuntman. After giving Danny permission for the trip, Ruben and Rosa convinced their employer C.C. Capwell to give his son Ted permission as well so that the boys could go together.

A few weeks later, Rosa and Ruben were worried when Santana didn't return from a horse ride. The search was called off because of darkness, but that didn't stop Ruben from looking for his daughter himself. Santana was found the following day. Meanwhile, Ruben visited Cruz Castillo, a family friend and fellow Hispanic, in the hospital after Cruz was hurt in an oil rig fire. When Cruz asked him about his family, Ruben expressed his disappointment that Santana wasn't married. The Andrades felt that Cruz would be a good husband for Santana, yet she became involved with C.C. Capwell instead. Ruben didn't approve of the romance until C.C. made him realize that Santana was no longer a child. This prompted Ruben to make amends with his daughter.

Following an earthquake, Santana spilled the beans to Ruben that Brandon Demott was her son and that C.C. had arranged the boy's adoption. Needless to say, Ruben was shocked and hurt that Santana hadn't come to him in her time of need. He was also upset about having been lied to by both his daughter and employer. Nevertheless, the truth had finally been revealed and father and daughter embraced. Later, Ruben was seriously hurt when a gas leak caused an explosion at his house. He recovered in the hospital and informed C.C. that he now knew that they shared a grandson.

After Santana abruptly left town, Ruben accused C.C. of forcing her out of Brandon's life. Ruben suggested to C.C. that he and Rosa would not continue working for him. He also turned down a Christmas bonus from C.C.

Although Ruben was last seen at Joe Perkins and Kelly Capwell's wedding and the subsequent reception, he was still mentioned from time to time. In 1991, however, Rosa started seeing Rafael Castillo and was no longer with her husband. The reasons were not explained.

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