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Margarita Cordova
Episode Tenure: 001-771; 1656-2137
Airdates: July 30, 1984 to August 25, 1987; February 22, 1991 to January 15, 1993


Maid for the Capwell family


Ruben Andrade (married; separated)
Rafael Castillo (dated)


Santana Andrade (daughter)
Danny Andrade (son)
Olivia Andrade (daughter)
Gabriella Andrade (daughter)

Brandon Capwell (grandson; via Santana)
Helena (sister)

*It is noteworthy to mention that Olivia and Gabriella were only referenced to in passing and never appeared onscreen.


Rosa's portrayer, Margarita Cordova, was the only cast member who appeared in Santa Barbara's first and last episode.

Brief Character History

Rosa Andrade was the Hispanic maid of the wealthy Capwell clan. She was married to Ruben, the Capwell gardener, and they had four children, of which only Santana and Danny appeared onscreen. Furthermore, Rosa helped raise the now-adult Capwell children after their mother Sophia presumably died.

Early in Santa Barbara's run, Rosa learned from Santana that Santana had been pregnant by C.C. Capwell's son and that C.C. had forced her to give up the child. Rosa was understandably shocked. She also felt betrayed by C.C., having been his devoted employee for many years. Still, she didn't encourage Santana's quest to find the child. Later, the child turned out to be Brandon, who had been adopted by Gina Demott. Rosa doted on the boy without him knowing that she was his grandmother.

Usually, Rosa was found in the Capwell mansion working or offering sensible advice to Santana and the Capwell children. Because of C.C.'s antagonism towards Santana, Rosa briefly quit working for him, but that didn't last long. Although she disappeared from the canvas in 1987, she was still referred to as being around. However, she didn't appear again until 1991. Soon after, it was revealed that Ruben left Rosa.

That same year, Santana escaped from the mental hospital she was in and became romantically involved with none other than C.C. Capwell! Rosa disapproved of this affair and warned her daughter that C.C.'s ex-wife, Sophia, would always come first with him. When Santana wound up pregnant, C.C. decided to do the right thing and proposed to Santana. As a result, Rosa came to terms with their relationship. Later, Santana lost the baby and moved from Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, with Ruben out of her life forever, Rosa started dating Rafael Castillo. She was last seen at Warren Lockridge and B.J. Walker's wedding in the final episode.

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