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Nicolas Coster
Episode Tenure: 023-866; 1479-2137
Airdates: August 29, 1984 to January 12, 1988; June 8, 1990 to January 15, 1993

Don Stewart
[Temporary replacement]
Episode Tenure: 354
Airdates: December 18, 1985

Sold mattresses for Mort Zimmerman
Manager of Johnny's Place

Augusta Lockridge (1960-1986; divorced)
Caroline Wilson (1987; dissolved by her death)
Gina Timmons (wed in 1992)
Sophia Capwell (affair)
Eden Capwell (flirtation)
T. MacDonald Lockridge (father; deceased)
Minx Lockridge (mother)
Brick Wallace (son; with Sophia)
Laken Lockridge (daughter; with Augusta)
Cassandra Benedict (half sister)

*While Warren wasn't a Lockridge by blood, he was raised by Lionel, who thought of him as his own son.

Brief Character History
Lionel was the globetrotting and womanizing patriarch of the wealthy Lockridge clan. His first scene came when he breezed into a local bar, shocking his wife Augusta with his return from a trip abroad. A wacky and well-meaning wastrel, Lionel had no head for business and was usually found bickering with Augusta or disappointing his mother Minx. At the same time, the Lockridges had a long-standing feud with the Capwells and its patriarch C.C. Capwell. However, few knew of Lionel's past affair with C.C.'s former wife, Sophia Wayne, whom Lionel believed to be dead after she had fallen off his boat years before. Recalling his love for Sophia, Lionel became drawn to her beautiful daughter, Eden.

When Lionel and Augusta found themselves trapped after an earthquake, Lionel finally told his wife about his affair with Sophia Capwell and her tragic but accidental death. Lionel's next problem arrived in the form of Dominic, a mysterious bearded man. Dominic played with Lionel's mind and framed him for the 1979 murder of C.C. and Sophia's son, Channing Capwell Jr. Dominic's tips soon caused Lionel to be arrested. Meanwhile, Lionel was involved in an art hoax with newcomer Elizabeth Peale.

Lionel was shocked to discover that Dominic was really Sophia, who believed Lionel had tried to kill her that day on the boat. Eventually, he was cleared of killing Channing Jr. Upon learning that Sophia was alive, Augusta rejected Lionel and threw him out of the house. Later, she became blind as a result of a tunnel explosion under the Capwell-Lockridge mansions. In an attempt to cheer up Augusta, Lionel arranged for milkman Frank Armsted to romance her. Augusta's eyesight returned, and she took Lionel back. A few months later, Lionel was shocked to learn that he was Channing Jr.'s real father through his affair with Sophia. Lionel and Sophia grew closer, which didn't sit too well with Augusta. She believed that Lionel and Sophia had rekindled their romance, so she left Lionel.

Lionel learned that he and Sophia were the parents of Brick Wallace, not Channing Jr., since Minx had switched the babies at birth! Augusta ended her marriage to Lionel and got his supposedly valuable paintings as a divorce settlement. The paintings were actually forgeries, but Lionel kept mum about this when C.C. Capwell bought them. The feud between the Capwells and Lockridges intensified when C.C. forced Lionel to turn over the Lockridge estate to keep his son Warren out of jail. Lionel and Augusta briefly reconciled after that.

Things were going great for Lionel and Augusta until, one day, he learned that she'd been kidnapped. Frantic with worry, Lionel swallowed his pride and asked C.C. for money to pay the ransom demand for his wife. As it turned out, Augusta had faked the kidnapping and wanted Lionel to keep C.C.'s money. She then left town. Lionel was heartbroken. A young woman, Jane Wilson, became sexually attracted to him, but he thought of her like a daughter and rejected her. He later became romantically involved with Jane's mother, Caroline Wilson.

Lionel and Caroline (pictured) were happy together until she began suffering from a rare and deadly virus. The couple got married anyway. Desperate to keep his new wife alive, Lionel stole the anti-viral serum developed by Dr. Alex Nikolas. Sadly, the serum didn't keep Caroline from dying. Lionel was devastated. He slowly faded from the limelight after that.

Lionel was briefly seen as the year began and was later said to have left town.

Augusta was distraught when she learned that Lionel had died in a car accident in the Orient. A memorial service was held for him. Afterwards, Augusta was shocked to realize that her limo driver was none other than Lionel! He told Augusta that he faked his death as part of a plan to retrieve his valuable paintings from the tunnel, having sold those forgeries to C.C. years before. Unfortunately for Lionel, his paintings had been stolen by Gina Timmons. She believed they were only forgeries and was secretly switching them with the paintings in C.C.'s mansion. When Lionel found out, he pretended to team up with Gina before double-crossing her. By then, C.C. had discovered what both Lionel and Gina were up to, so he decided to set Lionel up by having him sell the fake paintings to his Asian buyer. Lionel found out about this too late, and the buyer had Augusta kidnapped!

Once again, Lionel found himself in the position of enlisting C.C.'s help to pay ransom money for Augusta. In exchange for the Lockridge estate, C.C. agreed to fork over the money. Meanwhile, after a tiff with Augusta, Lionel had a one night stand with Sophia. His burden of keeping this from Augusta was lifted when Eden erased the incident from history in an out-of-body experience. Around the same time, Lionel learned that sneaky Cassandra (Cassie) Benedict was Minx's long-lost daughter.

Suspicious of Cassie, Lionel went to Macao to investigate her past. When he returned to Santa Barbara, he learned that Augusta was being blackmail over her assumed involvement in Anthony Tonell's murder. Refusing to believe that Augusta was innocent, Lionel broke with his ex-wife for good. Later that year, Augusta admitted to Lionel that their son Warren was not really his. She was shocked to learn that Lionel had known about this all along. Soon after, she left town to seek help for her recent drinking problem.

Once Warren learned about his real parentage, he bitterly rejected Lionel. Later, when Cassie poisoned soup intended for her rival Angela Raymond, Lionel ate it instead and almost died. Fortunately, he recovered, and he also reconciled with Warren. Furthermore, he became involved with Gina Timmons and married her as part of a plan to get back at the Capwells. He ended up settling down with Gina and her baby, Channing III, who had been fathered by C.C. Capwell.

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