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Stacy Edwards
Episode Tenure: 389-866
Airdates: February 7, 1986 to January 12, 1988
• Maid for the Capwells
• Student

• Ted Capwell (married from 1986 to 1987)
Jake Morton (engaged)
• Stan Benson (father; deceased)
• Unnamed mother (deceased)
Gina Demott Capwell (aunt)
Brief Character History
A sweet natured and naïve girl, Hayley Benson came to Santa Barbara in early 1986 to visit her aunt Gina Capwell, having recently lost her father (Gina's half brother) in a car accident. Gina promptly helped Hayley get a job in C.C. Capwell's mansion so that she could report to Gina on the doings of the Capwell clan. C.C.'s youngest son, Ted, took an interest in Hayley and they fell in love. Their romance was frowned upon by C.C., who didn't want his son to be involved with the hired help. For her part, Hayley was constantly torn by her loyalty to Gina and her feelings for Ted. Eventually, Ted broke up with Hayley when he learned that she was Gina's niece.

While Ted and Hayley remained estranged, a woman evangelist named Lily Light arrived in Santa Barbara. Hayley believed in Lily and became one of her followers. In a riotous protest against the ocean casino, Hayley unwittingly killed Brick Wallace's wife, Amy, when she hurled a homemade bomb into a bar where Amy was staving off the attack. Brick was inconsolable over the loss of Amy and became driven by revenge, believing Hayley was responsible for the tragedy. Ted married Hayley so he couldn't testify against her during the investigation into Amy's death.

Ted and Hayley's marriage was a rough one, especially when Jake Morton, who worked with Ted at the Abernathy Stables, fell in love with Hayley. Things went from bad to worse when Hayley was raped by a mystery person in early 1987. Both Jake and Brick were suspected of the crime, but the real culprit turned out to be Ken, a bartender at Johnny's Place. Ted and Hayley had trouble coping with the rape, which caused much tension in their marriage. The marriage deteriorated even more when Ted's ex-girlfriend, Laken Lockridge, returned to town to win him back. In the end, Hayley decided to divorce Ted and became involved with Jake, who went on to become a model.

As 1987 came to an end, Jake and Hayley became engaged. However, Hayley's newfound happiness was cut short in early 1988 when she was hit by a drunk driver named Blister. She died in Jake's arms, returning briefly as a ghost to offer Jake, Ted and Gina words of comfort.

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