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Actor History
Paul Johansson
Episode Tenure: 1185-1397
Airdates: April 12, 1989 to February 14, 1990
Year Of Birth
C.C. Capwell (father)
Megan Richardson (mother)
Mason Capwell (half brother)
Elena Nikolas (half sister)
Eden Capwell (half sister)
Kelly Capwell (half sister)
Ted Capwell (half brother)
Channing Capwell III (half brother)
Grant Capwell (uncle)
Madeline Capwell Laurent (cousin; deceased)
Courtney Capwell (cousin)
Samantha Wainwright (niece)
Adriana Castillo (niece)

Emily DiNapoli (married)
Brief Character History
Greg Hughes was introduced as the 17-year-old son of author Megan Richardson and a student in New Hampsire. Greg believed that his mom was in Rome, but she was actually in Santa Barbara to help millionaire C.C. Capwell write his autobiography. Curiously, she had never once mentioned her son.

C.C.'s suspicious ex-wife, Sophia, did some sleuthing. Pretending to be a college admissions representative, she managed to meet Greg and was surprised to learn that the boy was Megan's son. For his part, Greg believed that his father was a man named Joe Hughes, who died during the war before Greg was born. When C.C. learned that Megan had a son, he met Greg in New Hampshire. The two hit it off, and Greg visited Santa Barbara at C.C.'s prompting.

Although Greg had a hard time adjusting to the Californian climate, he soon met two girls: Emily DiNapoli and Missy Fortino. Emily developed a crush on Greg, but he was originally more interested in Missy. When C.C. had a heart attack, Greg saved his life by administering CPR.

Back in New Hamshire, Greg was stunned when Megan admitted that C.C., not Joe Hughes, was his father. Greg returned to Santa Barbara with Megan, and it was up to him if he wanted to tell C.C. about being his son. Greg stayed at the Capwell mansion for the summer, even though half brother Ted didn't much like him. Greg almost went back to New Hampshire, until he had an emotional confrontation with C.C. He bit the bullet and told C.C. he was his son.

C.C. welcomed Greg with open arms, but Ted and the other Capwells reacted badly. Feeling like an outcast, Greg grabbed a surfboard and ran into the ocean. He was soon pulled out of the water, unconscious. While he was out, Greg had a dream about Mason and Julia being aliens and taking him to "The Capwell Zone" as a way of introducing him into the Capwell family. Later, Greg had a paternity test done and proved to the Capwells that he really was C.C.'s son.

Greg and C.C. were dealt a huge emotional blow when Megan told them she was suffering from leukemia and didn't have long to live. Greg was further shattered when he learned that Megan had left town to die alone. Greg was subsequently accepted into the Capwell family. Also, after C.C. lost Capwell Enterprises, he and Greg bonded while working on an old rig.

Greg began a romance with Emily and proposed to her. They married shortly after his 18th birthday. Emily later believed that she was pregnant with Greg's baby, but this turned out not to be the case. Greg eventually disappeared from the canvas, as did Emily, and they were hardly ever mentioned again.

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