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The cast of Santa Barbara graced the covers of several soap opera magazines throughout the years. Click here to view international magazine covers.

8/27/85, Marcy Walker &
A Martinez on their first
SOD cover.

12/16/86, A and Marcy
on their second SOD

10/17/89, A and Marcy
on their third SOD

The Cruz/Eden/Robert
triangle, 11/6/89.

2/26/90, the men of
Santa Barbara.

7/16/90, Cruz and Eden were
featured on this SOU cover.

Robin Wright & Ross Kettle
on a 1987 SOD cover.

Daytime Digest, a complete
guide to Santa Barbara.

Marcy Walker on the
cover of TV Guide.

11/28/89, Cruz & Eden split
because of Robert Barr.

5/22/90, Roscoe Born returns
to Santa Barbara.

1/7/92, Warren & Angela's
passion steams up SB.

1990, Cruz & Eden
are reunited.

1990, Kelly marries the wrong
twin brother, Quinn

April 1990, Marcy Walker
leaving Santa Barbara?

1991, bizarre plot twist means
the end of Cruz & Eden.

5/26/92, A Martinez (Cruz) leaving Santa Barbara
for L.A. Law.

1992, Stephen Nichols
joins the cast of SB.

2/25/92, Mason & Julia get
married again.

8/11/92, Cruz discovers
a daughter he never knew
he had.

4/21/92, Kelly (Eileen Davidson)
& Cruz get a lot closer.

1/19/93, a final tribute to
Santa Barbara.

Warren & B.J. on the cover of this 8/25/92 SOU issue.

12/1/92, the aborted love triangle of Connor, Kelly & Skyler.

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