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Actor History
Signy Coleman
Episode Tenure: 1091-1330
Airdates: November 28, 1988 to November 8, 1989
Other Name
Crystal Rose (alias used as a prostitute)
Receptionist at the Alvarado clinic

Frank DiNapoli (father)
Anna DiNapoli (mother, deceased)
Lisa DiNapoli (sister)
Emily DiNapoli (sister)

Dr. Scott Clark (romance)
Ronnie (divorced)
Brief Character History

Celeste DiNapoli was first introduced as a kind-hearted prostitute who called herself Crystal. Her first scene saw her encountering Sophia Capwell. Soon after, the "video rapist" used Celeste as a pawn in his sick game to punish Father Michael Donnelly, which had already included the kidnapping of Julia Wainwright. What happened was that the rapist had Celeste dress up like Julia and visit Father Michael to seduce him. When Celeste met Michael and learned what was going on, she tried to run away. Michael tracked her down and enlisted her help in finding Julia. Once Julia was rescued, Michael befriended Celeste and tried convincing her to leave the life of a prostitute behind. She later wound up with a black eye, which she said her father had given her upon his discovery that she was a hooker. This horrible incident prompted Celeste to turn her life around with Michael's help.

Thanks to Michael, Celeste got a job as a receptionist at the clinic run by Dr. Scott Clark and Dr. Heather Donnelly. Celeste and Scott were revealed to be former high school sweethearts. However, Scott was now engaged to Heather. At the same time, Celeste had a brief crush on Michael and helped him and Cruz Castillo prove that Dr. Zack Kelton was the "video rapist." Zack attacked Celeste, but she was rescued by Cruz and Michael.

Meanwhile, Celeste still loved Scott. This was all the more obvious when they attended their high school reunion. It was then that Celeste learned about Scott proposing to her in a letter after his departure for medical school. As it turned out, her father had kept this letter away from her. Devastated, Celeste almost quit her job at the clinic, but Scott convinced her to stay and remain friends. She also received support from her two younger sisters, Lisa and Emily.

Jealous of Scott and Celeste's past, Heather arranged for Celeste to be offered a better-paying job elsewhere. When Celeste learned of Heather's manipulations, she resigned from the clinic and almost returned to prostitution. Instead, she finally told Scott how she really felt and that she wanted him. Confused about his feelings, Scott left town for a while. During his absence, Celeste came down with pneumonia. Scott returned and dumped Heather to be with Celeste. The two were happy together, but things got complicated when Heather turned out to be pregnant with Scott's child! She was believed to have had an abortion, which hurt Scott badly. He was eager to have children, so Celeste had some tests run and learned there was a chance she wouldn't be able to conceive.

Eventually, Celeste learned that Heather was still pregnant. She helped Heather keep Scott in the dark about this, but he found out anyway. Tired of feeling like a cheat, Celeste almost spilled the beans to Scott about her past life as a hooker. But she changed her mind when he told her that his mother had been a prostitute. Later, Celeste seemed to be blocking something out about the murder of Leo Mitchell, a man that Michael was accused of killing. Heather put Celeste under hypnosis to uncover the truth, but Laura Asher interrupted before Celeste could reveal much. For her part, Celeste kept mum that she had known Leo Mitchell as one of her former johns. Although she feared that Scott would learn about her past, she ultimately agreed to be hypnotized by Heather again to help Michael.

Afterwards, Celeste finally told Scott about her past as a hooker. Unable to deal with this revelation, he broke up with her. She made several attempts to talk to him and even Heather acted as a go-between, but it was to no avail. After that, Celeste was left without much of a life. She started working at a bar with Cruz's brother, Ric Castillo, and set up Michael on a date with ex-nun Greta MacAdams. Furthermore, she was worried when her sister Emily's relationship with Greg Hughes progressed, especially when Emily turned down a modeling job for him. Nevertheless, she was last seen at Greg and Emily's wedding.

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