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Actor History
Scott Jaeck
Episode Tenure: 693-1088
Airdates: April 17, 1987 to November 22, 1988
Real Name
Adam Garver
Private detective
Lucas Garver (father, deceased)
Caleb Garver (brother)

Soo Li (lovers during the war, deceased)
Andrea Bedford (engaged)
Brief Character History

A hermit living in the mountains of Utah, Cain found Eden Capwell after she was left for dead by a mystery woman in a snow-covered ravine. Saving Eden's life, Cain brought her to his cabin to help the young woman overcome her newfound paralysis. He quickly fell in love with her. He also opened up to Eden about his experiences as a Vietnam veteran, including his tragic responsibility for the deaths of his men.

It soon became clear that Cain was coming unglued. He kept Eden a virtual prisoner and visited Santa Barbara to kill Cruz Castillo, the man that Eden loved. Cain aimed his rifle at an unsuspecting Cruz but didn't kill him. He returned to Utah. Soon after, Eden regained the use of her legs. She knocked Cain unconscious, locked him in a closet and returned to Santa Barbara. Cain went after Eden and recaptured her at the Orient Express restaurant. He then took her to the Abernathy Stables to hide out.

While all this was going on, Cain had a confrontation with Eleanor Norris, the woman who had left Eden for dead in Utah. Eleanor berated Cain for not carrying out her orders to kill Eden. Later, Cruz shot Cain while rescuing Eden at the Abernathy Stables. As a result, Cain ended up with amnesia. Determined to cover her tracks, Eleanor made several attempts to murder Cain. She failed each time. Eventually, Cain figured out the truth about his involvement with Eleanor, whose real name was Elena Nikolas. He remembered encountering Elena after the war while being a patient of her father, Dr. Alex Nikolas, in a San Francisco hospital. Soon after this revelation, Elena was killed. Cain became Cruz and Eden's friend and a partner in Cruz's detective agency, The Last Resort.

Soon after, Cain fell in love with newcomer Andrea Bedford. He also became involved with Cruz and Eden's mission to find the assassin known as "The Fox," who appeared to be none other than Andrea! Fortunately, she was innocent. Cain and Andrea became a couple. Later, when Cain attended a reunion of Vietnam veterans, he ran into his former commanding officer, Major Phillip Hamilton. Phillip hired Andrea to work with him. Andrea then discovered that Soo Li, Cain's lover during the war, might have given birth to his daughter. The duo found the girl, Ming Li, in Bangkok and brought her to live with them in Santa Barbara. Little did Cain know that Phillip Hamilton had also been Soo Li's lover during the war and that Phillip secretly blamed him for Soo Li's death.

When Phillip learned that Ming Li was just an imposter, he wanted the girl to seduce Cain and break up Cain and Andrea's romance. He also tormented Cain with a woman who resembled Soo Li. Believing Ming Li to be his daughter, Cain was devastated over her sexual advances and rejected them. Ridden with guilt, Ming Li eventually told Cain the truth about the Major. Cain was furious. He almost killed Phillip and scared Andrea away.

Around this time, Eden was brutally raped. A sleazy reporter, Lydia Saunders, suspected Cain of the crime and began investigating him. He sure looked guilty when Andrea was found raped and killed by the same man who had attacked Eden. Cain was devastated when he learned of Andrea's death. Nevertheless, he was arrested and charged with the murder. He then tried to hang himself in his cell. Now believing that Cain was innocent, Lydia helped him escape. They were soon surrounded by the police, but Cruz came to Cain's rescue with the evidence that proved his innocence. Still, Cain decided to return to his mountain cabin and said goodbye to Cruz and Eden.

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