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Rosalind Allen (Gretchen Richards):
Although Rosalind originally auditioned for the role of Flame, the description for the part called for an ultra-sexy lady with long hair. The short-haired actress could deliver the sexy part, but the hair was a problem. Needless to say, it was a no go as Flame, but just a few weeks later Rosalind was called back to test for Gretchen and won the role.

Julia Campbell (Courtney Capwell): After leaving Ryan's Hope, Julia was contacted by Santa Barbara to audition for the role of Hayley. Although the show decided she was a little too old for that part, they later contacted her to test for Courtney Capwell. She screen tested with Robert Thaler, who played Pearl.

Lynn Clark (Lily Light): Lynn originally tested for the role of Jane Wilson before she got the part of Lily.

Nicolas Coster (Lionel Lockridge): As hard as it is to imagine, Nicolas was originally slated to portray C.C. Capwell. His contract with One Life to Live wasn't up until a month after SB was on the air, and C.C. was a main character who had to be introduced early in the show. So the role went to Peter Mark Richman and several other actors prior to Jed Allan. Meanwhile, Nicolas finished his OLTL stint and joined SB a month after its premiere.

Rick Edwards (Jake Morton): Rick was first runner-up to Ross Kettle for the role of Jeffrey, but everyone liked him so much, the role of Jake was written in specifically for him.

Scott Jaeck (Cain Garver): Scott originally auditioned for the role of Joe Perkins back in 1984.

Scott Jenkins (Warren Lockridge): When Jenkins was cast as Brian Bradford on SB, he immediately quit his job as a disc jockey and prepared to move from Colorado to Los Angeles. Just days later, though, the producers told Jenkins that they had changed their minds. Before a stunned Jenkins had decided on his next move, he got another from phone call offering him the role of Warren Lockridge. 

Ross Kettle (Jeffrey Conrad): Ross originally tested for the role of Brian Bradford, but his accent didn't work. The part of Mason Capwell's half brother materialized, although originally the brother was supposed to be a complete opposite of Mason a big, strapping Western type named Cody. NBC had wanted to use Ross for something, so the brother became more like Mason witty and sophisticated and was renamed Jeffrey.

Chip Mayer (T.J. Daniels): Chip originally auditioned for the role of Dr. Scott Clark.

Judith McConnell (Sophia Capwell): Judith was first runner-up for the part of Augusta Lockridge, but it was her Augusta screen test that won her the part of Sophia.

Jane Sibbett (Jane Wilson): Jane auditioned for several soap roles, most notably coming in second for the roles of Kelly and Laken on SB, before landing the role of Jane.

Rawley Valverde (Amado Gonzalez): A year before landing the role of Amado, Rawley tested for Ric Castillo and got a recurring role on the show as Tomas. When SB started looking for another young Latin leading man-type, Rawley was at first discounted because he'd already done the show, plus they thought he might be a little too old for what they had in mind. In the end, all roads led back to Rawley and he got the part.

Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell): Eden was supposed to be younger than her sister Kelly in the original story, but the producers were so taken with Marcy's two-minute screen test, they hired her and made Eden the older sister, because Marcy was older than Robin Wright.

Robert Wilson (Channing Capwell Jr.): Robert Wilson tested for the role of Ted Capwell, which went to Todd McKee. The show asked him if he would be willing to play Channing, even though it would be very limited since the character was killed off in the very first episode. 

Robin Wright (Kelly Capwell): Robin auditioned for the role of Laken Lockridge before winning the part of Kelly.

Jennifer Ashe (Meg, As the World Turns): Kelly Capwell and Laken Lockridge
Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives): Eden Capwell
(Actually, the actress never screen tested for the role because she got cold feet in the waiting room and fled before her name was called.)
Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, Days of Our Lives): Laken Lockridge
Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman): Hayley Benson
Philece Sampler (Renee, Days of Our Lives): Gina Capwell

This page was last modified on December 1, 2011.