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Ally Walker
Episode Tenure: 863-1072
Airdates: January 7 to October 31, 1988
Secret agent
Associate at Amerasian Children, Inc.

Charles Bedford (father, assassinated in 1982)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Harry Winslow (past affair)
Cain Garver (engaged)
Brief Character History

Beautiful and captivating, Andrea Bedford arrived in Santa Barbara to help the animals injured in a recent oil spill, and to investigate the oil rig explosion that caused the spill. During these activities, she met and got close to Cain Garver, a Vietnam veteran who worked for Cruz Castillo's detective agency. At the same time, an aura of mystery surrounded Andrea. She turned out to be a secret agent involved with Harry Winslow, who was believed to be an assassin known as "The Fox." Before long, Harry was assassinated himself.

Following Harry's death, Cain became suspicious of Andrea and suspected her of being the Fox. Eventually, the assassin tried to kill a political dignitary. Andrea seemed to be guilty and was caught by Cain, Cruz and Eden on a ship bound for Mexico. She was soon proven innocent and on the trail of the real assassin, whom she suspected of killing her ambassador father years earlier. The Fox turned out to be Kathleen McDougall, who had been posing as a nurse in Santa Barbara for months. Kathleen was killed. The true murderer of Andrea's father turned out to be Richard Matthews, Cruz's old boss as an agent.

With that mystery solved, Andrea began to let go of the past and got settled with Cain on his houseboat. Then, Major Phillip Hamilton gave Andrea the opportunity to work with him on Amerasian Children, Inc., a project which would unite G.I. fathers with offspring left behind in Asia. Through this job, Andrea discovered that Soo Li, Cain's lover during the war, might have given birth to his daughter. Cain and Andrea found the girl, Ming Li, working in a Bangkok strip joint. They brought her to live with them in Santa Barbara.

Unbeknowst to Cain and Andrea, Ming Li was actually an imposter. Phillip, Soo Li's other lover during the war, blamed Cain for the woman's death and resolved to destroy him with Ming Li's help. He wanted the girl to seduce Cain and break up Cain and Andrea's romance. Nevertheless, Cain and Andrea became engaged.

Once the truth about Phillip and Ming Li was revealed, Cain turned into a drunk and violent man, scaring Andrea away. She moved to San Diego. A few weeks later, she came back to Santa Barbara at Cain's request. But they were unable to patch things up. Later, after attending a costume party thrown by C.C. Capwell, Andrea was attacked on the beach by the "video rapist." She was found raped and murdered with Phillip standing over her body. He and Cain each became suspects in Andrea's murder, but the real culprit turned out to be Dr. Zack Kelton.

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