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Harland Richards blackmails Cruz.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1990 (Ep. #1543)
Kelly is shocked when Robert/Quinn asks her to marry him, but sensing something isn't right, insists she needs time. Kelly later shocks Eden, telling her about Robert's proposal. Hunt surprises Debra with a brief visit at her house, where Robert is being held prisoner in the basement cell. Flame scolds Quinn when he admits that things didn't go as planned with the proposal. Gretchen tells Mack they can't be together as long as Harland's alive. Cruz learns of Richard Atkins's mob connections. Carmen admits to Cruz that she once had an affair with Atkins. C.C. tells Cruz about his belief that Harland is sabotaging the Blues and his project because Harland wants to build his own resort. Eden urges Tawny to accept that her father isn't who he appears to be, and later Harland catches Tawny going through his desk. He hires a cop to spy on Cruz.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1990 (Ep. #1544)
C.C. holds Gina and Phyllis at gunpoint, tricking Gina into revealing she isn't blind. C.C. proceeds to inform Gina that he's on to her plan to steal his paintings and kicks her out, without Brandon. Lionel convinces Augusta they can have a future together. They sell the "real" paintings for millions of dollars. Kelly and Eden clash over Robert's proposal. Kelly assumes Eden is against the marriage because Eden has leftover feelings about Robert, but Eden denies it. When C.C. catches wind of the proposal, he thinks it's a big mistake and swears the wedding won't take place. Hunt tells Eden about his belief that something is going on between Robert and Debra, and is shocked to hear about Robert's proposal to Kelly. Flame reluctantly helps Quinn with an engagement ring for Kelly, but doesn't trust him and warns him not to let her down. Mason and Julia go on a vacation and grow closer.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1990 (Ep. #1545)
Lionel, Augusta and Laken prepare to leave Santa Barbara. Laken quits her job with Stephen and says goodbye to Amado. Gina overhears and confronts Lionel, demanding her cut of the profits. When Gina informs Lionel that he sold the fake paintings, he reaches Augusta and warns her. Unfortunately, it's too late. The buyers discover the forgeries and have Augusta kidnapped! Dash sees his office trashed and immediately suspects C.C. Capwell. During their vacation, Julia learns she's been reinstated by the Bar Association, provided she do six months pro bono work, while Mason declines doing any volunteer work. Stephen questions Cassie about her past, but she remains secretive.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1990 (Ep. #1546)
Hunt accidentally catches a glimpse of Debra's real hair. She explains to him that she uses the disguise to be taken seriously as a journalist. Hunt steals a videotape from Debra's place labeled with Robert Barr's name. He later watches the tape (actually of Quinn rehearsing as Robert) as "Robert" flirts with Debra. Sensing something sexual between the two, Hunt gives the tape to Eden. When Quinn tries to give Kelly the engagement ring, she still says she needs time. After Robert tricks Flame and escapes from the prison, he comes face-to-face with Quinn for the first time. Feeling Tawny pulling away from him, Harland offers her anything she wants for her twenty-first birthday. At the same time, Gretchen learns she will inherit Harland's estate if he dies before his daughter's twenty-first birthday. She "confides" her fears to Mack about Harland, and hints that the only way they can be together is if Harland dies. Cruz gets wise to the cop who's spying on him for Harland.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1990 (Ep. #1547)
Robert's escape attempt is thwarted by Quinn. Robert is shocked when Quinn says he's his long-lost twin brother and relates how they were separated at birth. Robert learns of Quinn's intention to marry Kelly for her money, and warns Flame she'll be out of the picture once that happens. Although Flame denies it, she's starting to have doubts. Eden watches the videotape of "Robert" flirting with Debra and admits to Hunt it's odd. When Eden politely asks Quinn/Robert how he feels about Debra, an angered Kelly tells her to butt out and agrees to marry Robert. Cruz and Michael trap the cop who's working for Harland. When Carmen closely studies Harland's mannerisms, she shocks Cruz with her belief that Richard Atkins and Harland Richards are the same man! She thinks Atkins never burned in the fire, but escaped and had plastic surgery. Cruz thinks it's unlikely, but just as he begins delving into it, Harland threatens to expose the file on Carmen unless Cruz agrees to "work" for Harland. Gina doesn't buy Lionel's story about Augusta's kidnapping and she and the kidnappers demand money from a desperate Lionel. Augusta is horrified to find that she's being held prisoner in a brothel until Lionel pays the ransom money.