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Quinn decides to go after Kelly's money.

AUGUST 27, 1990 (Ep. #1533)
Lionel is in the hospital, thanks to his creditors, and Augusta finally believes he's in danger. When questioned by the police, Lionel improvises with a bizarre story about his "mugging." He later receives unusual flowers, prompting him to realize that his creditors know where he is. Bunny is suspicious of Gina and Phyllis, but they cover instead of telling him about their plot to steal C.C.'s paintings. Cruz and Michael find gunpowder burns and a blond hair wound up in Ric's watch. Michael learns the hair was actually from a wig. Gretchen dodges Cruz's questions about Harland, and Mack refuses Cruz's request to spy on Richards. Gretchen warns Mack that Harland is a dangerous man, not one to be fooled with. 

AUGUST 28, 1990 (Ep. #1534)
After tracking down Ric's credit card, Cruz questions the drifter who used it; he's seen Ric alive. Harland assures Tawny he had nothing to do with Ric's disappearance. Gina and Phyllis offer to contact Lionel's fence for him, but he declines, knowing they're trying to dupe him. He finally tells Laken he's in serious trouble with some men overseas. Augusta tails Gina and Phyllis in an attempt to find out where they're storing the stolen paintings. Gina and Phyllis find a phone number in Lionel's house that they believe to be his overseas contact. After Gina suspects she's seen Bunny's waitress (Annie) somewhere before, Bunny suggests to Annie that they tell her the truth. Gretchen tells Mack that Harland will kill her if she leaves him.

AUGUST 29, 1990 (Ep. #1535)
After the sanctuary fire, Mason receives a threatening letter. He suspects the Blues, but Dash assures Julia he had nothing to do with the threat. Julia suspects C.C. started the fire and although Mason denies it, he later accuses his father. Mason and C.C. have a fight. Craig is suspicious of Debra's interest in Robert and tries to pump her for information. Nixing Flame's plan to kill Robert now and leave town, Quinn wants to go for the Capwell money instead. Flame is furious upon realizing Quinn's plan involves sleeping with Kelly. Dash accepts Stephen's offer to make a documentary about the Blues.

AUGUST 30, 1990 (Ep. #1536)
Gina and Phyllis plant a tape recorder in Lionel's hospital room. They again offer to contact his dealer, but Lionel turns them down. Also visiting Lionel, Sophia reacts when Gina appears to be reading something. She tells C.C. and, later, they catch on to Gina and Lionel's plan to replace C.C.'s paintings with forgeries. They watch in awe as Gina and Phyllis switch a painting. C.C. doesn't stop them, telling Sophia he has a plan. Meanwhile, Augusta is unsuccessful at finding out where Gina is hiding the stolen paintings. Craig dates Debra at a race track and suggests that her interest in Robert is more than professional. She denies it. After Kelly and Quinn leave for the weekend, Flame notices the scar on Robert's back and realizes Quinn's in trouble if Kelly doesn't see the scar. At the same time, Quinn and Kelly begin to make love. Bunny confides to Gina that his waitress is actually Annie, the woman who kidnapped him.

AUGUST 31, 1990 (Ep. #1537)
When Eden broadcasts a phone number for anyone who's seen Ric, a woman calls, saying she knows where he is. The Blues suspect Mason started the sanctuary fire, but he believes C.C.'s responsible. When Mason denies his suspicions of C.C. to Julia, she realizes he's lying and joins Dash and the Blues at a protest outside Capwell Enterprises. Mason is forced to arrest everyone, including his wife. Starting even more trouble, Julia accidentally slugs a cop. Flame gets to Quinn in Ojai just before he and Kelly make love. Flame tells Quinn about Robert's scar, and he realizes he would have been exposed if Kelly saw he doesn't have one. Flame doctors Kelly's drink to stall the lovemaking. But when Kelly takes the drink, she suddenly collapses.