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Hunt decides to stay in town.

AUGUST 13, 1990 (Ep. #1523)
As Kelly talks about her past and future with Robert, Quinn plays along blindly, giving vague responses. Quinn blames Flame for not knowing that Kelly and Robert were still involved. Kelly and Hunt are puzzled when they see "Robert" with Debra. Nevertheless, a kiss from "Robert," along with a dinner date, sends Kelly right back into orbit. Quinn and Flame realize they need Hunt to get personal information about Robert. The real Robert tries to bribe Flame to get free, but it's no use. Mason admits to Julia that the financial end of incorperating the bird sanctuary into Oasis is a problem, but he's working on it. Mack and Gretchen share a romantic evening, and he professes his love. Bunny learns that Gina isn't blind.

AUGUST 14, 1990 (Ep. #1524)
Cruz asks Tawny if Ric's sudden interest in the environment is related to his new job. But Tawny's father, Harland, assures her that the job has nothing to do with the Blues. Cruz is furious when Jack Sellers, the man who bombed the protest, is released on bail and escorted out of the country. Furthermore, Cruz learns Ric never showed up at the Blues conference in Asilomar. Cassie says Ric disappeared on the train ride after a seemingly casual conversation with a blond woman. However, Cruz hears from another passenger that the conversation looked intimate. Mason arranges for Julia to participate in an interview and photo shoot with a snobby reporter, much to Julia's chagrin. Stephen, who has agreed to C.C.'s $1 million settlement, hires Laken to work full-time as his assistant. Amado hides his disappointment when an ecstatic Laken tells him the news.

AUGUST 15, 1990 (Ep. #1525)
When Cruz finds dynamite in Ric's room, he's convinced his brother is being set up. Furious that Lionel is having her followed (to find the paintings), Augusta simply outbids him to get rid of the guy. Gina and Phyllis search the gatehouse, hoping to find the name of Lionel's fence. Suspicious, Lionel spies Gina switching a painting at the Capwell mansion. Kelly prepares for her dinner date with Robert by setting the perfect romantic scene on the Polo Club terrace. She gets stood up, leaving Hunt to use this to his romantic advantage. Robert tries but fails to escape from the prison. Quinn and Flame are shocked when they discover that Robert's financial empire is unravelling.

AUGUST 16, 1990 (Ep. #1526)
Lionel confronts Gina and they discover each other's plot to steal C.C.'s paintings. Lionel threatens to expose Gina, until she shows him the incriminating pictures of him and Sophia. Lionel and Gina reach a stalemate and he suggests that they work together to get the paintings. Lionel confides in Augusta about Gina, but she's unreceptive to his apology for earlier accusing her of stealing the art. She also doesn't believe Lionel's claim that he's in danger from people he owes money to and therefore has to sell the paintings. Sophia finally decides to try to work out her problems with C.C., but is disappointed to find him with an old flame. Hunt keeps Kelly company when "Robert" stands her up, and decides to stay in town. Quinn and Flame are thrown for a loop because Robert is broke. Quinn continues to put off Kelly, who becomes upset with "Robert's" refusal of her help. When Flame nixes Quinn's idea to use Kelly, he realizes he needs Hunt.

AUGUST 17, 1990 (Ep. #1527)
Flame is drawn to Robert, and he starts playing up to her. Needing Hunt's help to save Barr Industries, Quinn asks him to rejoin the company. Kelly is hurt when "Robert" refuses to let her help and seems to be turning away from her. Quinn makes up with Kelly. Cruz finds a blood-stained remnant of Ric's shirt in a ravine. When Cruz questions Tawny about Ric's job, he learns that Ric was working for her father, Harland Richards. Tawny tells Cruz that Harland assured her the job was unrelated to the Blues. Upon learning that one of Harland's companies, Omega Pump and Drill, was on Robert's "Deep Throat" list, Cruz visits Robert to get more information. This, of course, catches Quinn off-guard. Julia believes Mason, until Dash shows her that the plans for the Capwell Oasis project don't include any provision for the bird sanctuary. Julia angrily confronts Mason with his lie, refusing to support him on the project anymore.