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Debra London arrives in Santa Barbara.

JULY 2, 1990 (Ep. #1495)
Cruz continues to be held hostage in Khareef by the Pasha and realizes that the Pasha wants him to impregnate one of his wives, hoping to produce a child with Cruz's powers as the shaman. When Shaila tries to seduce Cruz, he notices her hesitation and suggests that they help each other. Not far from them, Michael and Eden are trying to locate Cruz when their informant is suddenly killed. They make a deal with a native to get a lead on Cruz's abductor and get a name: Pasha Omar. When Kelly hears from Hunt that he and Robert are dealing with Harland Richards, she gets assurances from Hunt that the deal will not affect the Capwells in any way. Kelly starts planning a fundraiser for the orphanage, unaware that the event is anonymously sponsored by Robert. When Hunt learns of Robert's interest in the orphanage, Robert covers by insisting it doesn't involve Kelly. Robert's next move to impress Kelly is to acquire a boat for her. Derek confronts Mason and Julia with an explanation, trying to rationalize his obsession with avenging Cassie's murder. On his way out, Derek is arrested by a cop who received an anonymous tip on him.

JULY 3, 1990 (Ep. #1496)
Cruz plans to escape from the Pasha's camp, refusing to impregnate Shaila just because the Pasha intends to have his son. Cruz and Shaila agree to pretend to have made love to satisfy the Pasha's wishes. The Pasha gets ready for his battle with the sheik, and reveals a powerful aphrodisiac that will make Cruz sleep with Shaila. Now that the Pasha is preoccupied with the war, Shaila suggests she and Cruz try to escape. However, the aphrodisiac starts to take affect on Cruz. Meanwhile, Michael and Eden make a bargain with a confidant of the Pasha's to get to the Pasha and Cruz. As part of their plan to infiltrate the Pasha's camp, Michael, disguised as an ally of the Pasha, offers Eden to the Pasha as his new wife. As Kelly and Ric are preparing for the orphanage fundraiser, Amado hands Kelly a catering receipt with Robert's signature on it. She's upset, realizing that Robert is the funder of the charity affair. He doesn't deny it, but claims it was for the orphans, not Kelly. Alone with Robert, Hunt demands the truth about his relationship with Kelly. Robert insists his past with Kelly is over, but Hunt doesn't totally buy it. Later, Kelly accuses Robert of sending her flowers, only to realize that she got them from Hunt. Debra London arrives in town to film a documentary on Robert Barr and Santa Barbara.

JULY 4, 1990 (Ep. #1497)
Cruz kisses Shaila when the aphrodisiac takes affect on him. Shaila pulls away from Cruz, realizing he's been drugged, and the aphrodisiac soon wears off. Cruz and Shaila attempt to escape, but they are knocked out by two men, and Cruz is hauled away. Meanwhile, Michael turns over Eden to the Pasha as his new wife. While Eden keeps the Pasha busy, Michael sneaks off to rescue Cruz from his tent, but finds he's gone. Lionel and Augusta are busy with their secret quest to find out if the paintings on C.C.'s walls are fake or the originals. Augusta notices Laken spending time with Amado and tells her he's not the kind Laken is accostumed to. Hunt makes Kelly feel like she failed a test because she assumed his flowers were from Robert. While her husband, Harland, is out of town, Gretchen handles the deal with Hunt and can't help flirting with him. Robert gets distracted from giving Debra London an interview when Kelly acquires a new boat (which he secretly arranged for). Later, while on his boat during a storm, Robert answers Kelly's mayday call when she's suddenly in danger. He rescues her from the water and brings her aboard his yacht. Julia is supportive of Mason's desire to write a novel.

JULY 5, 1990

JULY 6, 1990