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The Lockridges are as eccentric as ever.

JULY 16, 1990 (Ep. #1503)
Stephen is furious that the master print of his film has been stolen. He immediately suspects C.C. of the robbery, but C.C. proclaims his innocence. Later, Sophia is incredulous when C.C. learns that the film negative has been destroyed in a fire in his lawyer's office. Eden and the Pasha prepare for the broadcast while the Sheik holds Cruz hostage. Hunt reads Robert's letter to Eden, which professes his true love for Kelly, and soon figures out that Kelly doesn't know about the letter. When Hunt asks Kelly about her feelings for Robert, she insists she's over Robert. Kelly picks up on Hunt's mixed signals and becomes distant with him. Debra steals a sample of Robert's handwriting and gives it to the mystery man.

JULY 17, 1990 (Ep. #1504)
Hunt frets about Robert's letter to Eden, and Kelly is so confused by his behavior that she wants to go home. When Robert interrupts Hunt and Kelly's vacation, claiming he has business to discuss with Hunt, the talk quickly turns to Kelly. Robert soon leaves, but the tension between Hunt and Kelly remains. Stephen is devastated to hear that his film has been destroyed in the fire. He's comforted by Sophia. Julia expresses reservations about Mason working with his father after witnessing an argument between the two. She refuses to attend a stockholder dinner with Mason. Eden talks the Pasha into letting Michael and Shaila go. The Capwells are stunned when they catch Eden's worldwide broadcast about the Pasha.

JULY 18, 1990 (Ep. #1505)
Eden convinces the Pasha to let her call home, and she informs the Capwell family that she's fine. Still unconvinced of Eden's safety, C.C. decides to fly to Khareef. Eden's plan is working when the broadcast results in economic sanctions from three countries against the Sheik. The Pasha is pleased, and the Sheik has no choice but to let Cruz live and arrange a meeting with the Pasha. When Laken accuses her parents of keeping things from her, Augusta stops Lionel from blabbing the truth about their plot against C.C. Laken invites Amado to dinner with her parents. Stephen summons C.C. to appear in court for the destruction of his film. C.C. instructs Mason to take over Capwell Enterprises while he's away in Khareef.

JULY 19, 1990 (Ep. #1506)
When Kelly insists on ending their vacation, Hunt confronts her with his belief that she has a thing for Robert. She says otherwise. Satisfied, Hunt tears up the letter and throws it away. Hunt and Kelly make love, but not to Kelly's satisfaction. Later, she finds a piece of the ripped letter and confronts Hunt. When a suspicious Robert calls Debra's "production company," the mystery man answers and insists Debra is one of his best reporters. Gina and Phyllis are planning to smuggle C.C.'s paintings out in Gina's laundry, while replacing them with the fakes. Will they be successful? As a show of support, Julia reluctantly agrees to attend the stockholder dinner with Mason.

JULY 20, 1990 (Ep. #1507)
Soon after Derek's release, he and Ethan are arrested for bribing the judge to obtain Derek's freedom. Mason is upset when C.C. has doubts about letting him run the company, but they come to an understanding before C.C. leaves for Khareef. Upon seeing a piece of the ripped letter, Kelly demands that Hunt be straight with her. He finally tells her about Robert's letter to Eden that professes his love for Kelly. Kelly is angry that Hunt took matters into his own hands. Later, she angrily confronts Robert. Debra picks up on Robert and Kelly's estrangement and fills in the mystery man. They get into some lovemaking and, for the first time, we see that he's Robert's identical twin!