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Laura and Annie plot to kill Ethan.

MAY 7, 1990 (Ep. #1455)
Mason and Julia escape from the pantry. They set out to expose Sydney and as soon as she shows up to scare them, Mason rips off her Sasha mask. A shipwrecked Michael and Nikki grow closer and find a young, teenage girl on the island. An old Indian is interested in finding Cruz. Ethan gets Shannon to open up about her father being convicted of murdering a little girl years ago. Ethan tells Shannon he thinks her father is innocent and urges her to look at the court transcript. Following Laura's instructions, Annie poisons Ethan's cognac. Gina and Mack deal with Brandon when he's suspended for ditching school to help with Stephen's movie.

MAY 8, 1990 (Ep. #1456)
Mason and Julia expose Sydney's charade to haunt them. Her plan now foiled, Sydney agrees to work with them to find Sasha's real killer. Mason and Julia trace the car spotted on the night of the murder to a nurse at Laura's sanitarium. After questioning the nurse, they realize all clues point to Laura as the murderess. Michael and Nikki learn from the young girl, Lea, that she's been shipwrecked on the island for six months. Cruz lies unconscious on the boat until he's swallowed in a brilliance of light. He suddenly finds himself on a ghost ship that moves on its own power. Kelly surprises Hunt with dinner in his hotel room, but he's soon summoned by Derek. Ethan gets Shannon to read the court transcript, and she realizes that her mother lied about her father on the stand, sending him to death row. She begins to think her father is innocent of murder.

MAY 9, 1990 (Ep. #1457)
With a mind of its own, the ghost ship takes Cruz right to the island, where he's greeted by Nikki, Michael and Lea. Lea is mysteriously drawn to Cruz and he convinces her to go home with them. Tawny is angry when Ric admits to investigating her. Hunt, Derek, Ethan and Stephen ensemble for a meeting and discuss the Capwell family. Turns out, they're investigating the Capwells to find out which of them is the murderer. Derek warns Hunt of what Kelly will think of him once it all comes out. Kelly is suspicious when she notices the disappearance of the four men. Shannon drinks the poisoned cognac and collapses. 

MAY 10, 1990 (Ep. #1458)
Ethan finds Shannon and rushes her to the hospital, where she quickly recovers. Mason and Julia tell Ethan everything, including their suspicions of Laura, and they find that Shannon has been poisoned. Ethan joins forces with Mason and Julia to prove their theory. Mason lays the groundwork by visiting Laura and telling her that Ethan wants a divorce. Cruz returns home with Lea and is reunited with his family. Later, Cruz comes face-to-face with the old Indian. Ric tries to get Tawny to forgive him for using her.

MAY 11, 1990 (Ep. #1459)
Mason, Julia and Ethan set a trap for Laura, who reacts to Ethan's desire to get a divorce. Furious, she decides that Annie must kill Ethan tonight. Later, Annie is caught red-handed rigging a bomb in Ethan's house by Shannon and the police. Meanwhile, Laura goes to the Lair to meet Ethan. When Bunny announces the return of Sasha, Sydney takes the stage as her sister's double. Laura finally slips up and says Sasha's dead, a comment that gives her away. The old Indian tells Cruz that he's the shaman of the Sakeet. He claims that Cruz will be his tribe's next leader and warns him not to bring Eden home now. The Indian then gives Cruz an ancient talisman, which appears to have the image of Cruz's face on it. Nikki is upset that she and Michael are now on suspension, and Amado may be deported. She vows to go back to Mexico if Amado is forced to.