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Kelly gives Mason some moral support.

MAY 28, 1990 (Ep. #1470)
After C.C. accuses Mason of Cassie's murder, Mason admits to C.C. and Julia that he fought with Cassie that night and chased her into the tunnel. But he insists she was fine when he left her there. After retrieving the tape recorders, the boys listen to Mason's confession and believe he's responsible for Cassie's death. Hunt tells Kelly to ask Mason about the tunnel. Stephen urges Sophia not to quite the movie, getting her curious enough about the next scene. Cruz and Eden are amazed by the power Cruz exerted when he punched the man out the window to a three-story plunge. The man lives, and they learn he was North African, but carried no identification.

MAY 29, 1990 (Ep. #1471)
Sophia returns to work on Stephen's movie and does a scene that mirrors real life. Kelly blasts Derek for his part in the elaborate attack on her family. Unconvinced of Mason's guilt, Hunt confesses to the state attorney general that he was the one who framed Frank Pressman twenty years ago. At the film set, with Sophia and C.C. looking on, Gina's car is repossessed. Later, Gina pays the repo guy off, thanking him for a great performance. Augusta is distraught when she receives a telegram stating that her ex-husband, Lionel, is dead.

MAY 30, 1990 (Ep. #1472)
Kelly pleads with Mason to tell her the truth about the night of Cassie's death. Mason wants to know what Kelly sees in Hunt, and wonders if she's on Hunt's side. Kelly says she doesn't know what to believe but wants to help. Together, Mason and Kelly find the tunnel room and the pile of rocks with flowers laid on top. They agree it's a grave for Cassie, but Mason wonders why the boys didn't just come forward when the cave-in occurred. He deduces that the boys are hiding something. Hunt succumbs to the other boys' pressure, and they all agree they must extract, by any means necessary, a confession from Mason. In Paris, Cruz and Eden board the Orient Express bound for Venice, Italy, unaware that they're still being followed. A mystery man sneaks onto the train at the next stop.

MAY 31, 1990 (Ep. #1473)
Mason confronts Hunt and suggests that the boys are hiding a secret of their own. Hunt and Kelly are torn apart by the whole situation. Augusta is in mourning now that Lionel has been killed in a car accident in Singapore. Funeral arrangements are planned, but it's discovered that Lionel's body has already been cremated. Gina learns that she didn't get the job as a tour guide at the museum, but she's intrigued to hear of Lionel's death. On the Orient Express, the mystery man prepares to kill Cruz and Eden in their compartment. 

JUNE 1, 1990 (Ep. #1474)
Derek informs Hunt that he'll handle the details of Mason's kidnapping, but secretly plans to kill Mason himself. Alfred alerts Hunt to Derek's plan. Hunt anonymously warns Mason to leave town, telling him that a contract has been put on his life. Mason takes the advice. Julia blasts Derek for his deception. The mystery man kills the man in the next compartment, thinking he's Cruz. Cruz manages to trap him. Ethan and Shannon make love.