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Kelly's party becomes a disaster.

MAY 21, 1990 (Ep. #1465)
For their irresponsible actions regarding Sasha's death, Mason and Julia are suspended indefinitely from practicing law. Julia takes it hard, but Mason's just glad they haven't been disbarred. As an excuse, Gina visits C.C. to thank him for getting Brandon the job, but when she's alone in the study, she begins to examine one of the paintings. Shannon is distraught when her request for a stay of execution for her father is denied. Ethan calls Derek, realizing they only have ten days to find Cassie's killer, or Frank Pressman will die. When Kelly invites the boys to her party, Ethan sees it as the perfect opportunity to turn up the heat on the Capwells. Mack protects his privacy when Gina is curious about his lady love.

MAY 22, 1990 (Ep. #1466)
Nikki stays in Santa Barbara for a while longer after Michael secures a thirty-day visa extension for her. Nikki pushes Michael away, unable to admit her true feelings, and they have an argument. Later, Michael is jealous when she sees Nikki dancing with a stranger. Stephen's reel confuses C.C. and Sophia because it's of four boys plotting revenge. Although Sophia fails to learn Stephen's secret, they connect as they recall their meeting at the film premiere years earlier. Cruz reunites with Eden in Paris, where they make love and have a romantic evening at the cafe where they first met. Cruz tells Eden about the talisman. A mystery man tails the two and prepares to shoot Cruz.

MAY 23, 1990 (Ep. #1467)
C.C. startles Kelly with the news that Stephen and Ethan also spent time in the orphanage. Hunt sees Kelly once more before the party and later has a fantasy about Kelly saying she loves him. In Paris, the mystery man is unable to shoot Cruz when he and Eden close the curtains. Next, he tries to poison Cruz, but their waiter becomes the victim instead. Cruz is incredelous when he has the magic touch to save the waiter's life. Nikki briefly descends into a wild lifestyle, and she and Michael can't bring themselves to reconcile. Tawny is jealous when she sees Ric with Nikki. Mack is pursued by Gretchen, his married lover.

MAY 24, 1990 (Ep. #1468)
Kelly refuses to cancel her party, despite Hunt's reservations and the fact that Ethan is bringing Shannon Pressman, Frank's daughter. The boys consider Kelly's party as an opportunity to expose the Capwell they believe responsible for Cassie's death. Mason is delighted when Julia doesn't want them to live apart anymore. Ethan plants a tape recorder at Mason's house in hopes of snaring a confession. Later, the black-tie party finally begins in the redecorated Capwell mansion. Gina has a date with the curator of the art museum in hopes of getting a job. She gets Mack to ask Augusta if it would be okay for her to retrieve some boxes down in the Lockridge tunnel.

MAY 25, 1990 (Ep. #1469)
It's revealed that the boys nailed Frank Pressman for Cassie's murder all those years ago. Meanwhile, the Capwell dinner party is filled with tension and intrigue. Not only does Ethan bring Shannon to the party, he also plants a tape recorder. The party turns out to be a disaster when Ethan outright accuses C.C. and Mason of killing Cassie. Later, C.C. asks Mason if he killed Cassie. Cruz surprises Eden with a midnight visit to a French dress shop and the outfit she wore when they first met. When one of the mystery men attacks Cruz in his room, Cruz exerts superhuman strength and lays a punch on the man than sends him flying through the window!