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Kirk Cranston turns out to be the drug lord.

APRIL 23, 1990 (Ep. #1445)
Kelly plays up to Hunt and asks him about his relationship to Derek. He swears they're only casual acquaintances. Because of Hunt's persistence, Kelly is finding herself attracted to him and they even share a kiss. Cruz warns Ric about enjoying Tawny's company rather than getting info from her. Ric later tells Cruz he doesn't believe Tawny is a drug dealer, but Cruz warns him that she could still be involved. C.C. tries to convince Sophia to move back in and accuses Stephen of wasting his money for the film. Trying to get closer to Mack, Augusta suggests they put together a polo team, but he spurns her. Frustrated with Augusta's demands of payment, Gina decides to get the goods on her.

APRIL 24, 1990 (Ep. #1446)
DEA Agent Riley informs Cruz that Michael and Nikki are being investigated for drug trafficking. Cruz can't believe it. After being rescued by Cruz, Amado declares that Marcos plans to kill Nikki. Michael and Nikki grow closer at they wait to meet Marcos in a ghosttown. They hide the Ice. Their passion for each other builds, but they're soon startled by a rattlesnake. It turns out that Marcos is actually answering to the deranged Kirk Cranston. Sasha's sister, Sydney Schmidt, arrives in town and tells Mason about her belief that Sasha has disappeared. Julia is convinced that Sasha's ghost is out to get her and seeks the aid of Gladys the psychic, which doesn't sit too well with Mason.

APRIL 25, 1990 (Ep. #1447)
Shannon confides in Ethan that she's the daughter of Frank Pressman, a man convicted of killing a little girl. Ethan offers his help. Laura tells Annie to drop a radio into Ethan's bath, but Shannon's presence thwarts Annie's attempt at electrocution. Ethan and Shannon kiss passionately. Gladys the psychic tells a disbelieving Mason and a stunned Julia there is a spirit in the house. They try to hold a seance, but are interrupted by Sydney Schmidt. Amado gives Cruz a name (Kahana) that refers to the drug lord. Michael and Nikki leave a surprise for Marcos in a duffel bag the rattlesnake. Cruz rushes in as they make the trade, but Marcos takes Michael and Nikki hostage and escapes. In the getaway car, Marcos gets bitten by the snake.

APRIL 26, 1990 (Ep. #1448)
Marcos dies before telling Michael and Nikki what's in store for them. They're taken to Kirk, who tells them he's Kahana. Mason insists to Julia that the haunting is an evil ruse of the murderer to gaslight her. He sets out to find the real killer. Julia confides to Augusta about the haunting, but Augusta finds her story too far-fetched to take it seriously. Gina tries to get the dirt on Augusta from Hunt. She overhears Hunt mention Blackie Simpson to a worried Augusta. Derek warns Hunt not to fall for Kelly and ruin the plan. Hunt tells Derek that Kelly is more likely to open up to him than stuffy Derek. He also warns Derek to back off, and insists that Derek is trying too hard to control them and neither he nor Stephen will stand for it.

APRIL 27, 1990 (Ep. #1449)
Cruz learns that Kirk Cranston, Eden's ex-husband, has escaped from prison again and makes the connection to Kahana. He learns that Kahana is an island. Meanwhile, Kirk holds Michael and Nikki prisoner on the island as he waits for Cruz to arrive. Michael fills in Nikki on Kirk's obsession with Eden. Gina learns from Bunny that Blackie Simpson scams on women who gamble too much. She invites Bunny to go to Las Vegas with her to see what they can learn about Blackie and Augusta. Ric finds out that Tawny's brother and his partner were having problems with a shipment, which indicates that Tawny's family is involved with the drug business. C.C. is not pleased when Hunt pursues Kelly.