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Phyllis steals one of Gina's checks.

MARCH 5, 1990 (Ep. #1410)
When Phyllis sees that Gina pre-signs all of her checks, she steals one and gives it to Cy. She tells him to keep her informed of their investment. Julia has an encounter with Hunt that leaves her unsettled. Mason helps Julia step up her scare tactics by arranging for Sasha to see her own tombstone at the cemetery. Stephen rewrites his script per someone else's request. Sophia becomes unhappy with her character as a result, causing Stephen to snap at her. As Laura's behavior becomes more bizarre, Ethan has a talk with Dr. Kranzler, who says they can have Laura involuntarily committed for seventy-two hours. Ethan warns Gina that the man she trusts as a business partner is a con man.

MARCH 6, 1990 (Ep. #1411)
Mason and Julia are confident that they frightened Sasha with the tombstone, but the plan backfires when Sasha informs Julia she's not afraid of her. Mason and Julia decide to have Sasha turn over the doctored evidence to Ethan, which they will intercept. They arrange for Sasha to get an electric jolt at the Lair, unsettling her even more. When the Capwells are together, Kelly leaves early with Derek to get away from Eden. Kelly's mood darkens after Buck mistakes her for Eden, and she gives Derek the cold shoulder. Ric dates a Kelly look-alike and is busy when the real one wants to spend time with him. Buck runs away from the orphanage again and shows up at Cruz and Eden's house, hoping to find a home for him and Hallie. Alfred surprises Derek with the table from the orphanage.

MARCH 7, 1990 (Ep. #1412)
Ethan pressures Laura to be committed for three days. Laura starts plotting to kill Ethan and decides that being an in-patient at the sanitarium will give her the perfect alibi. She finally agrees to be committed. Mason and Julia attempt to scare Sasha enough to make her turn over the phony evidence to Ethan, which Mason will intercept. Unfortunately, Hunt interferes. He orders Sasha to write a letter to Ethan (to be opened in the event of her death), telling him she has evidence to implicate Julia and where he can find it. After learning that Hallie is going to be adopted, thus separating her from Buck, Cruz and Eden intend to find a home that will take both of them. While Cruz makes Buck a promise, Eden recognizes the woman who wants to adopt Hallie, and she agrees to give Eden some time to find a home for Buck and Hallie. Eden then does a story on the kids.

MARCH 8, 1990 (Ep. #1413)
Mason and Julia get Hunt out of town, leaving them to handle Sasha. Mason lays the groundwork when he "agrees" with Sasha that Julia is loony and should be confined. Suddenly, a phony report comes over the airwaves (thanks to Dante's cooperation), announcing Hunt's arrest. Sasha ushers Mason out and starts fretting about Hunt's letter. Julia intercepts Sasha's call to Ethan and, disguising her voice, tells Sasha that Hunt is being questioned by Ethan. Then, Dante gives Julia a gun loaded with blanks and starts putting a wire on Mason. Julia goes to Sasha and threatens her with the gun. Laura starts her stay in the sanitarium, where a crazy woman named Annie is her roommate. Annie tells Laura that she killed her husband. When Gina hears the news about Laura's hospitalization, she's briefly drawn to Ethan again. Mack angrily turns down an offer to work against the Capwell team. Kelly misinterprets a conversation between C.C. and Derek. She accuses Derek of having been picked by C.C. to be her suitor.

MARCH 9, 1990 (Ep. #1414)
Julia reveals to Sasha she knows about the phony evidence and letter to Ethan. Mason arrives to "save" Sasha and when they struggle, Julia "shoots" Mason. Sasha begs Julia not to kill her, too. At the cemetery, Julia forces Sasha to dig up the evidence and says she has to kill her she's the only witness. After ordering Sasha to turn around, Julia rushes off. Later, Hunt and Sasha realize they were set up. When Buck runs away again, Cruz finds him in the orphanage basement. Buck shows him an old picture of four boys. Secretly, Derek remembers those four boys sitting around the orphanage table and forming a brotherhood. Cruz and Eden decide to adopt Buck and Hallie. Brandon befriends Buck. Kelly tries to make peace with Derek and surprises him with dinner, but separates herself from Eden.