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Laura is desperate to keep her husband.

FEBRUARY 5, 1990 (Ep. #1390)
When Eden sees Nikki in Cruz's bed, Nikki lets her think that she and Cruz are more serious than they are. Not knowing where things stand, Eden takes off for New York on an assignment, leaving Cruz baffled. Michael pushes Laura away when she tries to seduce him. Gina and Ethan kiss at the country club, but they're caught by Michael and Laura. Michael takes Gina home and learns that Laura is pregnant. Hunt pushes the button, causing the boat to explode. Cruz saves Sasha. Mason survives the explosion and frets that Sasha will implicate him. Julia is offended when she learns of Mason's scheme against Sasha. Ric is uncomfortable watching Robert comfort Kelly after their escape. Suspecting that Robert tipped off the police, Hunt calls him to threaten Kelly.

FEBRUARY 6, 1990 (Ep. #1391)
Robert is worried for Kelly's life when he receives a threat from Hunt. In order to protect her, Robert asks Kelly to move in with him and she happily accepts. Ethan promises Gina to divorce Laura, marry her and raise the baby themselves. He confesses his love and Gina reciprocates. They make love. Laura, desperate to keep her husband, visits a fertility clinic to be artificially inseminated. Sasha feigns amnesia when Boswell questions her about the boat explosion, but a visit from Hunt leaves her unnerved. Mason tries to get rid of Sasha by giving her a plane ticket to Paris. She's moved by his "concern," making him feel guilty. C.C. compliments Mason on getting Sasha out of town, but a fuming Sasha overhears and isn't going anywhere now.

FEBRUARY 7, 1990 (Ep. #1392)
Phyllis moves in with Mack and since he just got fired, she helps him find a job at the polo club as a handler. Ethan tries to find out from a therapist if Laura is stable enough for him to end their marriage, but the therapist can't give him an answer. Laura secretly gets artificially inseminated. Nikki suspects that Cruz's bad mood has to do with his being attracted to her. Attempting to throw Nikki out, Cruz instead kisses her. Rafael argues with Cruz and takes him to the middle of nowhere to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Eden is at a New York party with Sophia and Stephen for her assignment. She inadevertently gets into a conversation with a divorce lawyer. Sophia convinces Eden to call Cruz, but there's no answer in his room.

FEBRUARY 8, 1990 (Ep. #1393)
Since Cruz needs time to find himself, Rafael drives away, leaving his son behind in the middle of nowhere. Approached by a native, Cruz follows him to a cave. There, he has a spiritual experience. In New York, Eden is mysteriously drawn to the Destinies Gallery. She feels linked to Cruz through a painting of a man in a cave. Later, Cruz and Eden each have an eerie dream about the other driving a car. Julia spends the evening with Derek at his suggestion. Gina is upset when Ethan delays leaving Laura. Mack discovers that Laura is not pregnant. Derek's butler, Alfred, arrives in town.

FEBRUARY 9, 1990 (Ep. #1394)
Cruz and Eden both dream about the other being in a car accident, then awake in a panic. Eden returns to Santa Barbara and on a hunch, she decides to drive to Pepple Creek. Cruz follows the same hunch and after getting a lift, he buys an old car to take him to Pepple Creek. Cruz and Eden have a near miss at a gas station. Later, on a foggy road in the Monterey area, the two are suddenly on a crash course with each other! Mason observes that Julia spent the night in Derek's hotel room and plays the jealous husband. He has other worries when Ethan promises Sasha immunity if she testifies against the gambling operation. Hungry for revenge, Sasha threatens to accuse Mason of trying to kill her, making him fear that she's becoming unstable. Sasha calls Hunt to help her.