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Mason and Julia turn up the heat on Sasha.

FEBRUARY 26, 1990 (Ep. #1405)
Cruz and Eden help Buck, the little boy who arrived at the cabin, rescue his sister, Hallie, from a well. Turns out, the kids are runaways from the orphanage at the end of the polo field (the same place where Derek grew up). Cruz and Eden return the kids to the orphanage. They agree it would be unfair to adopt the children. C.C. is impressed with Derek, who reminds him of Channing, and tries to get Derek and Kelly to meet. Mason and Julia work together to scare Sasha out of town by making her think Julia wants to kill her. Mason and Julia agree that Mason should romance Sasha, thus giving Julia a motive for wanting her dead. Marcos pressures Nikki to play up to Cruz, so she gets Kelly to invite her to the polo club party. Nikki learns that Michael used to be a priest.

FEBRUARY 27, 1990 (Ep. #1406)
Cruz and Eden see Derek at the polo club stables and agree that he's mysterious. Sophia warns Kelly not to cause trouble with Eden at the party. However, the fact that Kelly invited Nikki to be her date causes some tension for Cruz and Eden. Eden makes an attempt to talk to her sister, to no avail. C.C. tries to get Derek and Kelly together, unaware that Derek has the same idea. When Kelly goes skinnydipping, she and Derek finally meet. Mason and Julia agree to turn up the heat on Sasha at the party. While Mason starts being nice to Sasha, Julia unsettles Sasha with her jealous fits. Phyllis moves back in with Gina and receives an unexpected visit from Cy. Derek invites Mack to the party, and he brings Gina. Gina and Augusta exchange barbs.

FEBRUARY 28, 1990 (Ep. #1407)
Not only is Gina snubbed by the society ladies, she's also unable to get a loan for her fashion design business. Laura goes behind Ethan's back and shows up at the party, convinced that he's there with Gina. Laura causes a scene with Gina and the two argue. Nikki, pressured by Marcos to become a cop, enlists Michael's help in getting into the police entrance exam. Mason and Julia start to convince Sasha that Julia is dangerous. After Sasha orders Mason to get her a movie role, he pretends to romance her. Later, Sasha is frightened by a call from Julia. Derek plays up to Kelly and they become friendly.

MARCH 1, 1990 (Ep. #1408)
When Eden does a story on the orphanage, Derek stops her interview with Buck. Then, after Derek has a talk with one of the nuns, Eden is refused any further cooperation. Everyone is shocked when Craig Hunt is released from jail on a technicality. Cruz warns Hunt to leave town, and Ethan urges Hunt to shape up. After Ethan learns that Laura caused a scene at the party, he calls her therapist and says he thinks she's getting worse. Unbeknownst to Ethan, Laura overhears his words. Nikki fails at her first try at the police exam. She is granted permission to try again in two weeks, but Cruz wonders why she's so anxious to get on the force. For his part, Michael is suspicious of Marcos. C.C. persuades Kelly to join his polo team, and she impresses Derek.

MARCH 2, 1990 (Ep. #1409)
Cruz tells Eden that Nikki wants to become a cop in Santa Barbara. Later, Cruz and Eden have a talk after she learns of the dangerous risks he took while they were separated. Things get violent at Ric's bar when Hunt shows up, but since Ric threw the first punch, Cruz is unable to arrest Hunt. Kelly gets into a minor accident on the polo field and is romanced by Derek. Eden persuades Derek to cooperate with her story on the orphanage. Derek and Alfred break into the orphanage basement and steal some files. They find an old table and Alfred is surprised it's still around. Hunt meets with Sasha and Mason overhears Hunt say he wants Julia arrested for the gambling boat explosion. When Michael helps Nikki prepare for her exam, Marcos warns her that it's not wise to get close to Michael.