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Cruz and Eden are reunited by destiny.

FEBRUARY 12, 1990 (Ep. #1395)
After Cruz and Eden's cars nearly collide into each other in the fog, they each make it to Pepple Creek, the place where they were married. They don't see each other until they're both drawn to the beach. They embrace. As they discuss their premonitions about the car accident, Cruz and Eden realize that something brought them there. Later, at the now-deserted inn, the two hear strange noises. Believing the best chance against Hunt is to expose Tonell's entire organization, Robert offers to buy Augusta's microfilm listing Tonell's mob connections. When Augusta refuses, Robert resorts to threatening her with a gun. Derek invites Julia to have breakfast with him on the beach, and she accepts. After Augusta warns Julia about Derek, Julia makes it clear to him that she's not ready for another relationship.

FEBRUARY 13, 1990 (Ep. #1396)
Upon hearing strange noises at the deserted inn, Cruz and Eden come face-to-face with Amelia's ghost. Cruz and Eden are magically led to their wedding clothes and then each other, and pledge their love. They also thank God for miracles, but not before making love at the inn. Robert coerces Augusta into selling him the microfilm that lists Tonell's mob connections. He records his affidavit for the police on tape and leaves town because he's now a marked man. Kelly wants to tag along with Robert until things blow over, but he refuses. He claims he's still hung up on Eden to keep Kelly out of danger. Sasha informs Mason that she has evidence to prove that Julia blew up the boat in an attempt to kill her. After threatening to incriminate Julia, Sasha blackmails Mason into buying her a partnership in the Lair. She also instructs him to escort her to a Capwell party.

FEBRUARY 14, 1990 (Ep. #1397)
Now that the jig is up, Hunt kidnaps Kelly and Ric to get out of town. Ric prevents being killed by Hunt's goon. When he tries to come to Kelly's rescue, Hunt demands Ric drop his gun or Kelly dies. Nikki suddenly jumps Hunt, and there's a struggle. In the midst of everything, Nikki saves Kelly by taking a bullet headed for her. Mason fakes being ill to get out of taking Sasha to the Capwell party. He gets Julia to attend the party, but Sasha doesn't let him get away with it and forces him to be her escort. Mason is uneasy when Julia tells Sasha she can marry Mason just as soon as he and Julia are divorced. Since the insemination was unsuccessful, Laura, with a little pushing from Mack, has no choice but to tell Ethan she's not pregnant. After Ethan walks out on her, a desperate Laura swallows a bottle of sleeping pills. Although Stephen assures C.C. that financing is almost set for the movie, he later receives some bad news.

FEBRUARY 15, 1990 (Ep. #1398)
Cruz and Eden get a few things understood about their separation by confronting their alter egos. Later, Cruz and Eden are magically transported home. Mason gets into trouble with Julia for bringing Sasha to the party. Julia insists she's not jealous, but Augusta knows she's lying. Although Sasha forbids Mason from seeing Julia, he has a plan. Laura attempts to kill herself, but Mack discovers her unconscious body and saves her life. Ethan feels guilty for driving his wife to such drastic measures. He reacts to pressure from the media by dismissing Gina and denying the rumors of his infidelity. C.C. learns from Stephen that the financing for his movie fell through. Knowing how much the film means to Sophia, C.C. offers Stephen the money and warns him not to tell Sophia.

FEBRUARY 16, 1990 (Ep. #1399)
With Dante's help, Mason breaks into Sasha's house and finds a dynamite order form with Julia's name forged on it. Mason confronts Sasha with the evidence and threatens to discredit her accusation. Sasha retorts by saying Mason's infidelity is Julia's motive for the attempted murder. Cruz moves back home. He and Eden receive a letter from Robert explaining the real reason he left and letting them know that he loved Kelly once he gave up the impossible. The couple realizes that Robert lied to Kelly that he couldn't get over Eden. After visiting a recovering Nikki in the hospital, Cruz and Eden celebrate their reunion with their families. Kelly is hurt and angry when she comes upon Robert's letter. Eden prevents Kelly from reading it and implores her sister to forget Robert. To Ric's dismay, Kelly descends into a wild lifestyle. Gina is bitterly hurt by Ethan's dismissal of her in the media and and tells him it's over between them.