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Eden finally comes out of her coma.

DECEMBER 17, 1990 (Ep. #1612)
Furious with Keith for dropping the rape charges against Dash, Julia insists it isn't over yet. Mason learns from Julia that she slept with Dash willingly before the rape. Jealous of Flame, Gina convinces Keith to elope to Las Vegas with her. When Cassie asks Cruz to take her to Quinn's house on the pretense of getting some things for Kelly, Cruz and Eden's spirit are surprised by Cassie's sneaky behavior and familiarity with the house. With the help of Briana, Eden travels back in time to the night of Quinn's murder. Minx postpones telling Cassie that she's her mother and asks Michael to befriend Cassie in order to get more information, but he refuses.

DECEMBER 18, 1990 (Ep. #1613)
Eden's spirit is taken back to the night of Quinn's murder, though Briana warns her that she cannot interfere with fate and stop the murder. Eden views the events of that fateful night, including the moment where Craig gets knocked out. She finds blood on a nail in the wall, apparently from his attacker, whom she failed to see. As the murder reoccurs, Eden sees another gun sticking out from behind a panel which fires before hers. She realizes that she didn't kill Quinn. Meanwhile, Cruz believes that Eden can hear him after she squeezes his hand. He questions C.C. and Craig about the night of Quinn's murder, but reaches a dead end. When Eden's condition deteriorates, the strength of her love for Cruz pulls her through.

DECEMBER 19, 1990 (Ep. #1614)
Cruz is encouraged when a comatose Eden responds to his words by crying a little. At Kelly's hearing, Keith uses Flame as his star witness and presents a strong case against Kelly. Mason, having spoken with Cruz, has no choice but to call Cassie to the stand. To everyone's shock, Cassie admits that she was in the house on the night of Quinn's murder and that she saw Eden with the gun, dragging Kelly down the stairs. The charges against Kelly are dropped. Keith anticipates nailing Cruz and Eden, especially when he learns from a nurse about Kelly's hypnosis session. Kelly sees a doctor while in jail and following her release, she confides to Sophia that she's pregnant with Quinn's child.

DECEMBER 20, 1990 (Ep. #1615)
Keith's refusal to press rape charges against Dash Nichols makes the paper. Dash is devastated when the bad publicity causes him to lose his job. Gina surprisingly sides with Julia and urges Keith to accept the case. Keith finally buckles and tells Julia the news. Minx tries to persuade Michael to check out Cassie, but he refuses until Stephen learns that Cassie's fingerprints were found in the office where his film was burned. This discovery gets Michael interested enough to continue to work for Minx. Stephen accuses Cassie of destroying his film. Minx invites a lonely Amado to a Christmas family gathering, at which he sings a song to Laken.

DECEMBER 21, 1990 (Ep. #1616)
Briana informs Eden that her time has come, but when her vital stats begin to fade, Cruz concentrates and manages to reach his beloved. They profess their love for one another, and through his power, Eden comes out of her coma. Cassie angrily denies Stephen's accusation that she destroyed his film. Stephen later tells Craig that Cassie is a liar. Robert and Craig compete for Kelly's affection with presents, but it's her family she spends Christmas with. Kelly admits to Sophia that she didn't tell Robert about her pregnancy. In Las Vegas for the wedding, Keith, Gina and Brandon meet a fat, old man named Nick who, due to a case of mistaken identity, owes some thugs some money. Brandon convinces Keith to gamble with the wedding ring money, and the winnings are enough for Nick to pay off the thugs and resume his gift-giving crusade. When they return to the hotel, they find several gifts, including a brand-new wedding ring, proving there really is a Santa Claus.