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Mason learns Julia wants a divorce.

NOVEMBER 5, 1990 (Ep. #1583)
Believing that Flame is in New Orleans, Quinn can't understand why Kelly is suffering from delusions about Eden, such as when she smells Eden's parfume. Quinn gives Kelly a portrait of herself on a horse, which only reminds Kelly she'll never walk again. Craig escapes undetected when Roy, following Flame's orders, returns to get rid of him. Cruz decides to go to New Orleans. Meanwhile, a crazy woman named Clara takes care of ill Robert. Lionel tells Minx they can only market the mineral water if they tell C.C. that the Lockridges own the land. Minx disapproves and rubs her family the wrong way. Later, Minx gets acquainted with Michael and sets up a meeting with him. Gina and Brandon get stuck with Boots because he wants them to lead him to Keith. They manage to neutralize Boots with some knock-out drugs in his booze.

NOVEMBER 6, 1990 (Ep. #1584)
Mason fires Cassie in an attempt to show Julia that he's changed. Julia is unresponsive and tells Mason she wants a divorce. Later, at Augusta's urging, Julia accepts a dinner date with Dash. Stephen investigates Cassie's past and learns she lied. To Minx's dismay, Lionel informs C.C. that the Lockridges own the land, not Maxwell. He asks C.C. if he'd like to go into the water business, but C.C. turns him down. Gina and Brandon lock Boots in a cage and give him the slip while they find Keith's next clue.

NOVEMBER 7, 1990 (Ep. #1585)
Kelly becomes even more paranoid when she hears Eden talking somewhere in the house (which is actually a tape recorder rigged by Flame). Kelly then finds a picture of Eden in her nightstand, just where Flame planted it. Quinn is worried about Kelly, especially when the doctor suggests her paralysis might be psychological. Eden tells "Robert" she wants to move into his house to help Kelly. Sophia continues to send C.C. letters under an alias, hoping he'll want to meet this mysterious woman. Eden finds out what Sophia is doing, but agrees to keep mum. Minx gives Michael a large sum of money and says she may need him in the near future for a special job. Lionel tries to sell C.C. on the idea of a partnership by putting on a tape dance show. Lionel then agrees to a poker game, with the winner getting full ownership of the spring.

NOVEMBER 8, 1990 (Ep. #1586)
Mason and Julia bury themselves in their work to avoid the pain of their impending divorce. Julia remains oblivious to Dash's motives, which he admits to Stephen are more than purely professional. Quinn doesn't like the idea of Eden moving in to help Kelly, but Eden is determined to make it happen. Quinn finds Flame and realizes she's trying to drive Kelly crazy. Cruz arrives in New Orleans and tells Craig about Kelly's paralysis. He sends Craig back to Santa Barbara while he continues the investigation in New Orleans. Soon after, Cruz finds the real Robert at Clara's house.

NOVEMBER 9, 1990 (Ep. #1587)
When Quinn learns of Flame's plan to drive Kelly crazy, he convinces Kelly to let Eden move in to help with Kelly's paralysis. Flame warns Quinn she's made arrangements for the truth about him to come out if anything happens to her. Later, Kelly sees her portrait change slightly to look like Eden. In New Orleans, Cruz finds Robert and learns the truth about Quinn. Unfortunately, they're caught by Roy. Gina and Brandon return to the trailer to find a bag of money and a note from Keith, saying to meet him at Disney World. As they prepare to leave, Gina comes face-to-face with Boots. Mason rehires Cassie upon learning that Julia accepted a dinner date with Dash.