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Brandon, Keith and Gina are reunited.

NOVEMBER 19, 1990 (Ep. #1593)
Gina discovers Keith only pretended to be shot so that Gina would greet him with a kiss instead of a slap. They reunite with Brandon and try to shake Boots. Eden confronts "Robert" in the attic and tells him she knows Flame has been hiding in there. Quinn denies it. Kelly hears their voices through the door and is convinced they're having an affair. After Craig gives Kelly an inspirational talk about overcoming her fears, Kelly returns home and tells "Robert" she wants him to move into another room. Alone, she summons the strength Craig spoke of and triumphantly takes her first steps. Eden shows Flame's attic hideout to Craig. When they discover a tape of a fabricated conversation between Eden and "Robert," Eden swears it never took place. Cruz and Robert make their way through the bayou with the police hot on their trail. Minx asks Michael to pose as a priest to help her find Sister Angelique, a woman from her past.

NOVEMBER 20, 1990 (Ep. #1594)
Despite an appeal from her father's spirit, Julia forges ahead with the quick divorce in San Carlos. She and Dash fly back to Santa Barbara together. Meanwhile, Mason's plans to go to San Carlos to change Julia's mind fall through. He and Cassie learn that the divorce is final, and Mason tells his attorney to check into the legalities of a San Carlos divorce. Keith, Gina and Brandon escape from Boots in Disney World, and Boots is captured. Michael goes undercover as a priest to help Minx find Sister Angelique, and to settle a score with an old nemesis, Father Merin.

NOVEMBER 21, 1990 (Ep. #1595)
When Eden and Craig confront "Robert" with the tape, Quinn swears he knows nothing about it. He kicks them out of the house. Kelly, drugged by Flame, doesn't tell anyone she can walk and wants to know what exactly what "Robert" is up to with Flame. Quinn decides to come clean with Kelly about his true identity. Eden is shocked when she finds Flame locked in the velvet prison. Meanwhile, Cruz and Robert are chased through bayou country. C.C. finally learns that Sophia has been the one sending him the love letters, in the hopes that he would remember the first time he fell in love with her. Keith assures Gina they'll be welcomed back to Santa Barbara with open arms.

NOVEMBER 22, 1990

NOVEMBER 23, 1990 (Ep. #1596)
When they return to Santa Barbara, Gina is shocked to learn that Keith is the new D.A. He asks her to marry him, but she says she needs time to think. Cruz and Robert "borrow" a plan despite Roy's last attempt to stop them and finally return to Santa Barbara. Cruz is shocked to find that Keith is the D.A. again. Keith then detains Cruz. Eden finds Flame in the cell, where she rants that "Robert" locked her in and is trying to drive Kelly crazy. Quinn almost tells Kelly his real identity, but decides against it. High on the drugs Flame gave her, Kelly starts hallucinating and takes "Robert's" gun from the bedroom, determined to use it. Eden arrives at Quinn's just as Robert does, and is shocked to see a pair of twins!