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Lionel and Minx square off with C.C.

NOVEMBER 12, 1990 (Ep. #1588)
Brandon splits from Gina to give Boots the slip and escape with the money. During a struggle with Boots, Gina is knocked unconscious and dreams of Keith. As soon as she wakes up, she heads for Disney World. Lionel and C.C. square off in the poker game, with the winner getting the rights to the water spring. Lionel sets Augusta up to keep Minx away from the game, but Augusta fails in her mission. Before long, Minx muscles her way into the poker game. With Flame watching his every move, Quinn has no choice but to go along with her plan to drive Kelly crazy. He suggests to Kelly that they go away, but Kelly refuses. She reluctantly agrees to physical therapy with Eden.

NOVEMBER 13, 1990 (Ep. #1589)
Minx continues to play poker with C.C., until Lionel forces his mother out by locking her in the restroom. Lionel wins the water rights from C.C. in the final hand. The celebration is short-lived, however, as Lionel and Minx learn that the excavation can only be done on the Capwell property, something C.C. will be steadfastly against. Minx calls Michael, telling him it's time to put their plan into action. Flame continues to gaslight Kelly and puts drugs in Kelly's tea bin. After Quinn finds Flame's attic hideout, Eden catches him locking the attic door behind him. Cruz and Robert are put to work in a chain gang. Cruz is thrown into solitary when he gets ill Robert some medicine.

NOVEMBER 14, 1990 (Ep. #1590)
Quinn covers by telling Eden there may be mice in the attic. Suspicious, Eden goes to investigate, but doesn't find Flame in the attic. Flame edits together a conversation between Eden and "Robert" to make Kelly think they're together again. When Kelly, who's been drugged by Flame, hears the conversation, she's almost convinced Eden and "Robert" are having an affair. Quinn finds the letter that Flame has left behind in the event of her death (which reveals Quinn) and then confronts her with a gun. Julia is asked by a reporter if Dash is the reason for her divorce. While celebrating the Oasis opening with C.C., Mason is shocked when Julia says she's going overseas to get a quickie divorce. Later, Julia receives a touching visit from her father's spirit.

NOVEMBER 15, 1990 (Ep. #1591)
Brandon hitchhikes his way to Disney World and meets a beautiful young girl named Melanie. Thanks to a Disney character, Gina is finally reunited with Brandon. The two are cornered by Boots in Catastrophe Canyon, but a mysterious hand causes explosives to go off. At Augusta's urging, Dash follows Julia to San Carlos to keep an eye on her. During a native holiday celebration, Julia's almost accosted by locals. C.C. has the Lockridges where he wants them and demands a fifty-fifty split in the water rights, plus everything else he lost in the poker match. Later, Lionel and Augusta wonder why Minx is adding a wing to the new house.

NOVEMBER 16, 1990 (Ep. #1592)
Gina and Brandon escape from Boots in Catastrophe Canyon, and Brandon splits from Gina. While searching for her son, Gina finally finds Keith, only to see him mowed down by machine gun fire in front of her eyes. Dash saves Julia when things get out of hand with the locals. Afterward, Dash has a romantic fantasy about her. Julia is distraught to learn that, due to the holiday, her divorce papers will take a while to be processed. Cassie fails to dissuade Mason from going to San Carlos to stop Julia. Quinn ties Flame up and locks her in the velvet prison. A short while later, Eden finds Flame's attic hideout. Cruz and Robert manage to escape from the chain gang.