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Minx Lockridge returns to Santa Barbara.

OCTOBER 8, 1990 (Ep. #1563)
Gretchen places the gun in Mack's hand, but he comes to and stops her from torching the stables. To Michael and the police, Gretchen insists that Mack shot Harland. She almost gets away with it until she's caught by Michael trying to finish Harland off in his hospital room. Gretchen's arrested. After seeing Debra/Flame at the airport, Eden decides to stay and investigate. She also convinces Flame to stay. Meanwhile, when Kelly asks, Quinn denies that he's having an affair with Debra. When Eden returns with Debra, Quinn accuses her of sabotaging the wedding. Before leaving, Eden urges Kelly to ask "Robert" who Quinn is. Craig and C.C. break into Debra's place and find the hidden cell.

OCTOBER 9, 1990 (Ep. #1564)
Quinn takes Kelly to a beautiful plantation and explains that he came to New Orleans to arrange for their honeymoon there. Kelly is overwhelmed by the place. Troubled by what Eden told her earlier, Kelly asks "Robert" who Quinn is. Eden finds Robert's journal in the velvet prison and recognizes his handwriting. Cassie incites Mason's jealousy by telling him about Dash's Julia-like girlfriend, who died under mysterious circumstances at the hospital where Dash interned. Dash and Julia suspect they're being tailed by someone working for Harland Richards. Julia realizes that Michael suspects Harland of the bombing that killed Nikki, and urges him not to take the law into his own hands. Robert starts to befriend Rima, the mute girl in cahoots with Sheriff Roy.

OCTOBER 10, 1990 (Ep. #1565)
Lionel and Augusta are shocked when Minx returns to Santa Barbara, with her bags. They're terrified when she learns that Lionel has given up the Lockridge property to C.C. She vows to get the property back. Robert wins over Rima as a silent ally and convinces her to find Kelly. When Kelly asks "Robert" who Quinn is, he covers by saying "Quinn" was a guy from Tonell's days who kidnapped him. Quinn and Kelly enjoy themselves in Southern comfort and make love. C.C. and Sophia remain estranged, but feign a loving front for a snoopy reporter looking for a scoop on the upcoming Capwell/Barr nuptials. C.C. receives an intriguing letter in the mail, courtesy of Sophia.

OCTOBER 11, 1990 (Ep. #1566)
Ric and Carmen return from Mexico, though Eden fears that their lives may still be in danger. Eden fills in Ric and says that Gretchen may have tried to kill him, thinking that Ric saw Harland's will. Mack leaves Santa Barbara after being duped and betrayed by his lover. Julia fears that Michael is losing control. Michael then learns that Harland is leaving town. Minx takes over the suite, forcing Lionel and Augusta to move in with Julia. Minx says Lionel will have to prove himself if he wishes to be patriarch of the Lockridges. Mason seeks a truce with Dash, asking for his input on Oasis. Later, after Dash gives Julia a present, Mason is somewhat jealous. Cassie rejects Stephen.

OCTOBER 12, 1990 (Ep. #1567)
The romance between Quinn and Kelly continues until Rima finds Kelly alone. Rima leads Kelly to the Bayou House. But when they get there, Rima finds Sheriff Roy ready to shoot Robert! C.C. tells Eden about his plan to make Robert think Kelly will disinherited if the marriage takes place. Mason tells C.C. and Eden stop interfering in Kelly's life. Cassie informs Mason that Dash's girlfriend was married to the head of surgery at the same hospital where Dash was a resident and there's a mystery surrounding her death. Julia's impressed with Dash while rehearsing testimony for the Blues case. A water pipe bursts, and Dash manages to fix it, but not before he and Julia become soaked. Mason returns to find them in their soaking-wet condition, laughing hysterically. Michael confronts Harland and is about to kill him when Ric and Tawny intervene.