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Cassie plays on Mason's jealousy.

OCTOBER 1, 1990 (Ep. #1558)
When Sophia tells Lionel she's going to confide in C.C. about the photos of them together, C.C. and Augusta overhear but misunderstand what was said. Augusta invites Lionel to move in with him. C.C. proposes to Sophia before she can tell him the truth. Gina pries out of Mack that Gretchen wants him to kill Harland, and tries to talk some sense into her brother. Mason and Julia's attempt at an intimate dinner is ruined by interruptions from Dash and Cassie. Dash accuses Michael of dragging his feet with the bombing investigation.

OCTOBER 2, 1990 (Ep. #1559)
Sophia confesses to C.C. that she slept with Lionel recently. While searching for Robert in New Orleans, Eden is prevented from finding him due to the interference of Sheriff Roy, one of Flame's relatives. Eden notices Roy wearing Robert's ring and follows him to the house where Robert is kept prisoner. She's caught by Roy. Mason uses a bodyguard to watch over and spy on Julia and Dash. For her part, Cassie plays on Mason's jealousy.

OCTOBER 3, 1990 (Ep. #1560)
C.C. is devastated that Sophia slept with Lionel and although she begs his forgiveness, he insists they're through. Once Gina hears this news, she realizes her photos of Sophia are now useless. Finally on Augusta's good side, Lionel implores C.C. and Sophia not to let Augusta in on the truth. They move out of the gatehouse, optimistic about the future. Augusta tries to make a grieving Amado feel part of the family and visits Nikki's grave with him. Roy temporarily prevents Eden from finding Robert. When Robert escapes yet again, he gets bitten by a snake in the swamps. He's found by Eden.

OCTOBER 4, 1990 (Ep. #1561)
Eden is curious when Robert, delirious from the snake bite, mutters Quinn's name and says he wants to kill Quinn. Eden gets Robert to the hospital and leaves an urgent message on Craig's answering machine. Kelly hears the message and calls Eden to find out what's going on. Upon learning where Robert is, Quinn sneaks into his hospital room. Julia and Dash head to Sacramento to follow up a lead on their investigation of the Rialto Plant. Mason arrives to surprise Julia, but ends up surprised himself when Julia doesn't show up in her room. To make matters worse, Julia falls asleep in Dash's room. Stephen warns Cassie against investing so much of herself in Mason, but this only makes her angry.

OCTOBER 5, 1990 (Ep. #1562)
Mason forgives Julia after she explains that she'd fallen asleep in Dash's room. Julia mentions that Dash had a girlfriend who died. Mason mentions this to Cassie, who offers to investigate. Meanwhile, Harland Richards hires a man to follow Dash and Julia. Cassie makes amends with Stephen, who admits he's falling in love with her. Quinn switches places with Robert in the hospital that Eden has taken him to. He tells Eden he doesn't remember who Quinn is, or why he said his name. Arriving shortly after, Kelly angrily demands to know why Eden's with Robert. As Eden explains that Debra is also there, Kelly thinks Eden's jumping to conclusions. Just as Eden is about to fly back to Santa Barbara, she runs into Debra at the airport. As Gretchen continues to play Harland and Mack against each other, the two meet at the stables, where a fight ensues. Suddenly, a gunshot drops Harland to the ground and Mack is whacked over the head by Gretchen. She puts the gun in Mack's hand and prepares to torch the place, but is stopped.